Kate Upton In Bikini Pumps Iron From A Swimming Pool

Kate Upton
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Kate Upton beat the heat and got her workout game on as she pumped iron from a swimming pool back in August 2022. The Sports Illustrated model proved that a pool can absolutely double up as a gym in an Instagram share, one also showing her in a bikini as she impressed her 6.5 million followers.

Lifting Weights In Bikini

Kate Upton
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Putting a fun spin on home gym time, Kate was filmed from a small outdoor pool wrapped by a furnished brick terrace.

With splashes and fierce energy, the blonde was basically deadlifting a barbell set with yellow weights, while also looking eye-catching on the style front with her swimwear.

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'Always Works Hard'

Kate opted for blue and white, plus a sporty finish as she rocked a rashguard-style bikini with long sleeves and high-waisted briefs.

The Canada Goose ambassador began with her legs wide apart while in the water, and then lifted the weight up above her head before leading into squat reps. She made sure to flash her toned abs as she emerged from the water, but there was more.

Switching To Tiny Tennis Skirt!

The video came with a twist, though. Kate also included footage of herself with trainer Ben Bruno and inside a gym. Here, the mom of one wowed in a leggy and green miniskirt while further toning her body. "Kate Upton always works hard in the gym — and the pool," the text in the caption read.

See Her Bikini Sunbathe

In a caption and as Kate posted jointly with her trainer, Kate wrote the following:

"We all know the importance of rest and recovery, but @kateupton took it to a whole new level and invented the “mid-workout nap”. This is genius. She’s been getting personal records left and right in the gym, so I’m definitely gonna try it out myself and with the rest of my clients. As she likes to say: “work hard, nap hard”.

Those Squats

Kate Upton
Wikimedia | Puramyun31

The caption continued, "PS: Those squat jumps in the pool and the barbell-loaded hamstring bodycurls are no joke. Seriously impressive stuff."

Fans have left over 31,000 likes.

Celebs Are Spotting It

The post has also gained likes from model Lindsey Pelas and British pop singer Rita Ora.

Swimsuit Ready For Summer

Kate later posted a beach snap as she enjoyed a ball game on the beach while in a swimsuit.

"I'm ready for summer 😎 Flashback to my 2013 Vogue shoot - loved the fun summer vibes from this shoot!" she wrote. For more, see Kate's Instagram.

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