Hailey Bieber Unbothered In Bathrobe Amid Selena Gomez Drama

Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez
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Hailey Bieber is busy on Instagram flaunting how good she looks in a bathrobe while her drama with Selena Gomez continues. The supermodel, 26, fronted media outlets back on February 22 as she was accused of bullying singer Selena over her eyebrows, and it's been front-page headlines for both ladies ever since.

Hailey updated her account this week in promo mode. Needless to say, fans also got busy in the comments section.

Bathrobe Vibes

Hailey Bieber
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Hailey shared a gallery of images focusing on her Oscars glam.

The wife to singer Justin Bieber opened applying lipstick while already looking like a total bombshell, and she wasn't even in her dress! Hailey was photographed close up and with a white robe slightly slipping off her shoulders.

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Puckering Up

The YSL ambassador glowed with her flawless complexion while also rocking a dewy and bronzer-heavy makeup look. All cheekbones and rocking a matte lip, as well as a lipliner, Hailey drove fans to swipe right, where she reappeared in a black-and-white shot. She eventually returned in a slinky black dress, the one she donned for Sunday night's Oscars.

Showing Off Oscars Dress

Looking fabulous as she low-key flaunted her model figure in a long-sleeved and figure-hugging black dress, Hailey modeled her long-sleeved and one-gloved dress for an indoor snap and by a plain wall. She made sure to tag the YSL brand she fronts. In a caption, Haley wrote, "VF."

All Those Comments

Hailey Bieber
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Hailey has remained silent since the ex of her husband, Justin, was deemed to be at war with her over eyebrow drama. Fans have plenty to say, though.

"If ur coming on her page to comment something negative it’s not giving hater. because imagine you’re one of the first people commenting on someone you supposedly don’t like?? it’s giving fan. hailey bieber you will always be their fave," a popular comment read.

Losing Instagram Followers

Earlier this month, Hailey's IG fanbase sat at over 51 million. It has since dropped to under 50 million. Meanwhile, The Only Murders in the Building star, Selena, has gained over 10 million followers in under a week. She is now the most-followed woman on Instagram.

She And Justin Are 'Awesome'

Support did come in the comments section, even as the drama unfolded.

"You and Justin are an awesome couple. God bless you both and keep you safe from all harm, whether verbal or otherwise. Sending love. ❤️ Keep being fantastic," one user wrote.

'Leave Her Alone'

Hailey Bieber
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Also replying was a user writing, "It's been a month and it's still insane to find unemployed people attacking Hailey in every post she puts up everyone needs to find a better productive thing to do and leave Hailey alone."

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