Ariel Winter Braless For Night Cocktails To Mark Major Milestone

Ariel Winter
instagram | ArielWinter

Ariel Winter has been celebrating her popularity while showing off her gorgeous figure in a braless jumpsuit. The Modern Family star took to Instagram to mark hitting a major followers milestone last year, posting in honor of reaching 5 million followers. Ariel has since made headlines for leaving Hollywood to pursue a quiet life, and this post was seemingly also a reminder that she isn't a massive fan of being the center of attention.

Stunning Curves In Braless Look

Ariel Winter
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Looking stylish as she chose a coral pink shade, Ariel posed from a cosmopolitan-looking outdoor terrace and at night.

Enjoying a tasty-looking cocktail, the sitcom star looked a little caught off guard as she was candidly photographed in a stringy and figure-hugging jumpsuit worn braless. Showing off her shapely arms and shoulders, Ariel also drew attention to her chest with a small cleavage show as she sat with one leg crossed over the other.

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5 Million Followers

Ditching her usual redheaded look, Ariel went blonde bombshell with light locks worn down. She also sported a matte face of makeup with blush over foundation, plus a French manicure and pink lip to match her salmon-colored outfit.

See The Photo!

Using a clinking glasses emoji, the star wrote: "To 5 million people finding me (or probably my dogs) interesting enough to follow🥂."

"And cheers to this jumpsuit & cheers to the thought of just us 2 going out for drinks and having the best sweetest most special time ever" came in from singer Caitlin Crosby. Scroll for her bikini snaps.

Scroll For Her Poolside Snap

Ariel Winter
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Ariel made 2022 headlines for leaving Hollywood behind as she and boyfriend Luke Benward moved away somewhere quiet and, as yet, unknown. Ariel had proven one of the most photographed celebrities during the global pandemic, with the paparazzi regularly chasing her during grocery runs.

Paparazzi Invading Her Space

Speaking in May 2022, Ariel revealed:

"Part of the reason I always hated L.A. is because I have been followed by paparazzi for a very long portion of my life. And I really, really dislike having my space invaded."

Feeling 'Watched'

The former ABC star, who had opened up on the Quitters podcast, continued:

"I don't like pictures of me when I haven't signed up for pictures of me. I don't like feeling watched," adding: I've always just wanted to live a very, very normal life, just have a normal existence."

Fans Still Love Her

Ariel Winter
Flickr | Zaheer Malek

Regardless, fans are still following that IG! Ariel is also active on rival platform TikTok.

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