Kaley Cuoco Faces Backlash After New Brand Announcement

Kaley Cuoco
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Kaley Cuoco isn't receiving the best feedback as she makes headlines for announcing her upcoming dog care brand. The sitcom star updated her Instagram earlier this week to deliver news that she's founded her Oh Norman company, one named after her 2021-deceased Pit Bull mix Norman.

Kaley shared sweet throwback snaps of herself and her beloved pooch. The HBO Max star was, however, hit by fans saying that she hasn't been mentioning one of her other dogs, Shirley. Both Norman and Shirley were acquired back when Kaley was still married to estranged husband Karl Cook.

Oh, Norman

The news comes in the wake of a company Kaley has already named after Norman: her Yes, Norman Productions company is in honor of her beloved pooch. Kaley's photos showed her snuggling up to Norman, with one snap even showing her enjoying a snooze as her four-legged friend snuggled up to her.

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Launching Dog Brand

Addressing fans, Kaley wrote:

"I am beyond excited to announce my newest adventure as Co Founder of @ohnorman ! My beloved dog Norman’s unconditional love , inspired me to make the company I always wanted to see in the world . Created in his honor, @ohnorman is all about giving our furry friends the love and care they deserve. Oh Norm, this one’s for you!"

Adopt Don't Shop

Kaley then used hashtags to encourage fans to take in animals as foster pets. #adoptdontshop, The Big Bang Theory alum wrote. Fans have left over 120,000 likes, but the comments are suggesting that not everyone approves of the move.

Where's Shirley?

Topping comments was a fan writing: "What’s happened to Shirley? No one mentions her anymore." Also gaining likes were similar remarks as fans asked by Shirley's name wasn't factored into the brand name.

Update, Please

Probing Kaley was one fan, who wrote: "Norman was great. But so is Shirley! Speaking of Shirley..... Where is she? We miss and care about her. All the newer small pups are cute and all, but Shirley is an OG in the house of Cuoco. Would love to get an update."

Lots Of Dogs!

Kaley is also a dog mommy to pooches including Blueberry and Dumptruck Dumpy. The twice-divorced star further houses rabbits Simon and Lenny in her garage.

Celebs With Brands

Kaley is not alone in the world of celebrity brands. Also running businesses are the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Lisa Rinna, Jessica Simpson, and Mariah Carey.

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