Sommer Ray's Booty Shorts Dance Has Followers Wanting OnlyFans

Sommer Ray seductively posing with an Imarais beauty product.
instagram | Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is leaving jaws on the floor as she effortlessly rocks her exercise routine in tight booty shorts. The 26-year-old fitness sensation shows off her sculpted physique in a workout video, where she's doing all kinds of squats. The sizzling view had fans pleading for her to start an OnlyFans account! Will she finally give in?

Working Out In Booty Shorts

In her latest workout post on Instagram, the model proudly showed off her famous curves on camera. Sporting a pair of sports bra and booty shorts set from her Sommer Ray fitness brand, she turned up the heat with her sizzling squats and lunges.

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Never Not Dancing

The bombshell babe is not only setting fitness goals but also making hearts skip a beat. Treating her fans to a full view of her money-making backside, she threw in a little bit of booty-shakin' in between reps. True fans know that no Sommer Ray workout video is complete without some wild dancing!

Fans Plead For OnlyFans

With her backside on display, fans couldn't help but be awestruck. Many flocked to the comments section, begging for Sommer to start an OnlyFans account.

"ok , now onlyfans," one person wrote.

"Make an onlyfans instead," another one commented.

Here's A Thirst Trap Treat

Sommer Ray showing backside in mirror selfie.
instagram | Sommer Ray

While Sommer didn't reply to followers' pleas, she followed up with another thirst trap treat for her millions of fans. "haven’t posted mirror selfies in forever so hey," she captioned her post.

Sultry In Black Lingerie

The carousel post featured several sizzling selfies, where Sommer looked extra sultry in black lingerie. With her killer curves and tousled hair, she posed confidently in front of the mirror, showing different angles of her naturally thick body.

Not Just An A** Girl

In a podcast with George Yanko, Sommer revealed that while she knows she can make an insane amount of money in the subscription-based service, she's not interested.

“I’ve worked so hard to try to change my image, in the sense that, I’m not just the a** girl. I’m not just that. I have many layers. But if I do that, it puts me in that stigma of ‘OnlyFans girl.’ You know what I mean?” she explained.

Building Her Empire

She continued to say that it's not about the money. Instead, she aims to build an empire that she can be proud of.

“I’m not really in it for the money,” she said. “I want to look back on my life and be like, ‘Wow, I created my empire and I did something special that I’m proud of."

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