Hailey Bieber In Bikini Sunbathe Asks 'Got Milk?'

Hailey Bieber in a dress
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Hailey Bieber is stunning in new bikini photos as she shows off her summer-ready swimwear body and rocks a t-shirt asking "Got milk?" The supermodel and wife to Justin Bieber took a break from promoting her Rhode skincare line in a recent Instagram share, instead sharing ocean-set snaps as she enjoys a vacation.

Hailey thrilled her 49 million+ fans with her killer figure, one outfitted in a skimpy bikini. The trendsetter also kept one step ahead of trends in a cut-off white tee with a fun logo. Calcium matters!

It's Bikini Season

Striking a pose and angling her hips to the side in her opening slide, Hailey flaunted her washboard abs and curvy hips as she modeled a stringy pair of bikini bottoms in dark red. Adding in her statement tee, the stunner went wet-haired and carefree, also staying stylish in pendant heart earrings.

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'Got Milk?'

Also showing off a rocky ocean setting, Hailey upped the ante with more of her figure on show in further images, even going full bombshell for a leggy sunbathe while lying on a kayak in one image. She did, however, make sure to stick to her usual unfussy style, with an adorable snap showing her candidly shot and with her face all scrunched up into a smile.

See The Photos!

In a caption, the A-Lister wrote: "All I know is, I’m about to have the best summer of my life.🥛." Fans have left over 1.9 million likes. Some, however, proved there's always room for drama.

Got Milk Drama

Gaining over 300 likes was a user zeroing in on the "Got Milk?" tee.

"To literally answer your shirt's ❔️question: No, i dont have any milk. I am a grown up adult, not a baby anymore and MOST IMPORTANTLY i got no milk because I AM NOT A BABY COW, so i dont need any baby calf milk whatsoever," they wrote.

It Keeps Going

Hailey received a fair amount of hate for mentioning an animal product. Over 400 fans rallied behind a user replying:

"Cows carry their babies 9 months like humans. Would you be ok to be treated like a cow? Milk stolen, babies murdered, mate murdered. No excuse to support animal abuse."

Bikini Promo For Rhode

Swimwear action has proven steady from Hailey this year, who has stripped down to tiny bikinis to promote the Passionfruit Jelly lip product retailed as part of her 2022-founded skincare range.

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