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Elizabeth Hurley Pops Champagne In Bikini To Avoid British Weather

By Rebecca Cukier
Elizabeth Hurley smiles close up

Elizabeth Hurley Pops Champagne In Bikini To Avoid British Weather

Elizabeth Hurley is avoiding the British "mud and fog" by lying back in a pastel green bikini and sipping champagne. The 55-year-old model and "Austin Powers" actress, looking closer to 35 these days, made her weekend Instagram update thirst trap central, with a killer shot showing the Brit continuing her pandemic "pretend vacation" and inviting her 1.9 million followers to join in. Liz, recently in the news for having her topless snow globes shamed, was showing the haters can shove it. Check it out below.

If You Can't Travel...

Elizabeth Hurley indoors in dress

Scroll for the photo. Liz, who bucks the celebrity trend amid COVID by actually staying home, is currently hunkered down with eight others in Herefordshire, U.K., having even told Hello! she's afraid to grab basic essentials for fear of infecting vulnerable individuals with her.

Infecting Instagram with her jaw-dropping body, the Elizabeth Hurley Beach founder posted from a lake deck and backed by palms, highlighting her killer body in a tiny, cupped, and pale green bikini, with a thrown-back head enjoying a glass of champagne.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Elizabeth Hurley outdoors in swimsuit

Liz, wearing tinted shades and seeing closed eyes reflect her pleasure, took to her caption to explain what was going on, although fans are likely already familiar with the fake travel setup.

"Alas, my #pretendvacation is drawing to a close; time to return to the mud & fog of my beloved Herefordshire," she wrote, adding: "Fingers crossed it will snow so it’ll be bikini time again 😉 Just enough time to squeeze in a glass of ice cold champagne before I pack 😘 #stayhome #livingthroughmycameraroll."

See Her Massive Marmalades Below!

Elizabeth Hurley sips champagne in bikini

Liz, who tagged her 2005-founded swimwear brand in her image, but kept the promo out of the caption, has been busy in lock-down, and not in the way you'd think. Attracting the attention of ex Hugh Grant last month were Liz's 47 jars of marmalade, ones she made at home and showcased in a cheeky unbuttoned top as she wrote:

"Lockdown has turned me into a demented housewife: 47 jars of marmalade nestling in my larder with more Seville oranges awaiting me 🤷🏻‍♀️."

See more photos below!

Still Got It At 55

Elizabeth Hurley with marmalade jars

Liz ain't slowing down, despite being 55 years old. The mom of one, boasting more followers than bombshells Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra, has been steadily lighting up Instagram, with the past week bringing her in a string of bikini shots as she virtually travels. Fans today were all for the shot, with one writing: "Perfect woman." 

Hurley also managed to rack herself up over 18,000 likes in just 30 minutes. Not bad when you're not a Kardashian. Speaking of, scroll for 40-year-old Kim Kardashian wishing you good day in her dental floss bikini.

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