Britney Spears Addresses 'Lonely Kid In Cafeteria' Amid Documentary

Britney Spears has broken her silence as "Framing Britney Spears," a documentary examining her 2008-commenced conservatorship airs. The 39-year-old pop princess, not free to control her finances since father Jamie Spears took control over 12 years ago, is now front-page news as The New York Times picks her life apart, with the documentary covering the singer's rise to fame and more recent controversy over her welfare. Britney, followed by 27.6 million on Instagram, went cryptic today as she posted a message mentioning the "lonely kid in the cafeteria." Check it out below. 

Stays Silent Amid 'Framing Britney'

Britney, whose 68-year-old father Jamie controls her entire legal estate, finances, and many other aspects of her life, has been making headlines for seemingly dodging the media frenzy over her right now. Following the Super Bowl LV on Sunday, the "Toxic" singer posted a bizarre, rapid speech video seeing her admit being, this year saying she was "rooting" for both teams while stunning fans in a sheer dress. Today brought no dress, but there was a message.

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'Lonely Kid In The Cafeteria'

Britney, who was just 16 when "...Baby One More Time" propelled her to international fame, took to Instagram on Wednesday with a simple photo showing text. The Grammy winner's photo showed a gold heart super-imposed on a white background.


"KINDNESS AMERICA....PASS IT ON," Britney added with kiss, star, and heart emoji. Boy, does Instagram explode when Britney Spears posts.

See The Bikini Body Below!

Fans, now swamping the comments section, are sending the mom of two all the love in the world - this, from the #FreeBritney movement that has dragged Spears out over her eyeliner and suggested her mental health is not stable of late. "Love you Britney, you're such a gem," one fan wrote. "Stay strong Britney FREEDOM IS COMING," another added – none of that yet, although Spears was, in 2020, permitted to extend her legal team.

The photo comes as Britney makes headlines for the 5.9 million views she's clocked for talking about the Super Bowl. See the video below!

'Confused' By Super Bowl

Britney, herself performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show over a decade ago, updated home in L.A. and in a sheer polka-dot dress on Monday, telling fans: The moment we’ve all been waiting for last week. The Super Bowl!"

"I was so excited but honestly I was rooting Kansas City but I was also rooting for the other team so it was a little confusing for me… I love sharing."

"I was so excited but honestly I was rooting Kansas City but I was also rooting for the other team so it was a little confusing for me… I love sharing."

Fans immediately broke down the "sharing" part as Spears directly shading the documentary, although the singer has yet to make an official statement on it. Meanwhile, 29-year-old sister Jamie Lynn got caught in bedsheets over the Super Bowl. See it below!

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