Alexandra Daddario Kicks Up A Storm With Misidentified Assets On Instagram

Blue-eyed bombshell Alexandra Daddario doesn't just stun with her body in movies like "Baywatch" or slay with her acting skills in "Lost Girls and Love Hotels", she's also blows her fans away with her Instagram post. 

Rather recently, 34-year-old Daddario stunned her IG fans with a picture that made fans see things that weren't basically there, not that they were disappointed for long!

With 19 million fans and growing, Daddario's fame is only going up, even if its aided by a case of misidentified assets. 

No Violence Please

Rather recently, when Daddario posted this picture of hers, showing off a back covered in circular bruises, fans jumped to the conclusion about domestic violence. 

This was not that, rather, all it showed was her penchant for dabbling in alternative medicine, in this case, "cupping". 

While most of her fans entered into heated debates about the supposed benefits of cupping, one fan had the final mic drop,   writing, "This doesn’t look like my..cup of tea 😂".

But then again, neither is this our cup of Joe!

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Yup. They Zoomed In

On Valentine's Day, this is Daddario's message for her fans, "Happy Valentine’s Day from me and this giant waterfall. Thank you for the immense love, and the immense love I have in my life..."

She then ended it by writing, "Wishing you all endless love today, partnered up or not. ❤️ ♥️ 💜 ❤️"

And yes, all her fans agreed that they did zoom in, and it wasn't to see the waterfall, rather the spectacular details on Daddario's chest, considering it may have been a cold day.

More chilliness coming up...

Erm, What?

So that's her sitting on a sunny beach, wearing mirrored glasses, striking a knee-hugging pose. Only, the knees in the picture made many of her fans do a double-take because many assumed at first glance that Daddario was doing an OnlyFans picture and showing off her ta-tas instead. 

When one fan wrote, "okay, those are legs", another responded, "I knew I wasn't the only one who didn't see knees at first 😂"!

Another also wrote, "Had us in the first half not going to lie"...

So here's her, in a bikini...

Can Do No Wrong!

For others, it was more about the lack of another body part, as one comment read, "Head shoulders knees and wait, no toes".

Of course, not all fans were about the body. One was more about the sand, and Star Wars as they quoted Anakin Skywalker, "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere."

Of course, there was the classic reply, "may the force be with you🔥" although seeing the water baby she is, sand is so not a problem.

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