Jeannie Mai All Balls With Impressive Yoga Pants Roll

Jeannie Mai is proving she's a force to be reckoned with, bending over, stretching, and yanking her perfect, spandex-clad peach in the air to celebrate International Women's Day. The 42-year-old "Dancing With the Stars" alum and TV host, massively in the news last year for a hospitalization forcing her exit from the popular dance competition, is now showing she's fighting fit since her epiglottis surgery, with a new update on Mai's Instagram showing her working out as she fronts Fabletics. Check it out below.

Tight Body Alert

Scroll for the video. Mai, who lost 15 pounds of muscle after emergency surgery for potentially life-threatening condition epiglottis, updated from the gym and dressed for the workout room. 

The "How Do I Look?" host, posting for her 2.4 million Instagram followers, showed incredible strength as she handled a massive black medicine ball while on a yoga mat, contrasting it in green ribbed leggings and a matching sports bra - of course, from the Fabletics brand she holds a partner status with.

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All steely-strong in her peppermint pastel workout gear, the YouTuber worked her rock-hard abs with teeny-tiny kicks in white sneakers from the floor, then lifting her entire torso up, this alongside rolling herself back and forth on the ball while using her upper body strength.

A caption from Mai, who also showed off her back tattoo in the one shoulder sports bra, shouted out Fabletics and International Women's Day via hashtags. "Every day acts of bravery," the star wrote, then delivering a short list.

See The Insane Video Below!

Keeping the list snappy, Jeannie wrote: "1. Being a woman
2. Giving a damn.
Happy #InternationalWomensDay 💪👊."

The video clocked over 25,000 views in just 25 minutes, with the comments coming in fast as Mai was told her workout needs a "Break-down." Jeannie has made major headlines for addressing the weight she lost following her surgery, and how hard she'd worked to gain it. 

"After 3 weeks of being sick and unable to eat, I lost 15 lbs of muscle that I previously worked so hard to build."

"After 3 weeks of being sick and unable to eat, I lost 15 lbs of muscle that I previously worked so hard to build."

See more photos after the video.

Regaining 15 Pounds

Addressing fans in December 2020, Jeannie showed off her impressive workout body despite the weight loss, vowing to get back on track and saying:

"Day by day, I've been working slowly to motivate myself to come back stronger and healthier than ever. Starting today I'm hitting an aggressive meal plan of grains and carbs and a basic heavy lifting plan to get back on track."

Jeannie partook in Season 29 of "DWTS," shocking viewers with her exit and hospitalization. Scroll for another "DWTS" alum and her massive thigh gap.

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