Sommer Ray's Three-Month Condition Made Machine Gun Kelly Stray?

Sommer Ray has rules when it comes to dating, and it seems one of the rules made Machine Gun Kelly forget all about her and run into the arms of Megan Fox instead. 

At that too, while he was still dating the very sunny Sommer, but fell for the foxy charms of, well, Fox. But on a recent appearance on a podcast, Sommer decided to clear the air, and tell the world that it was she who was cheated upon, not that she dumped him.

All Alone With No Gun

So when Kelly and Fox were filming their very foxy music video, post which even Brian Austin Green had to fess up to the fact that he and Fox were no longer together, Ray was visiting Kelly in Puerto Rico. 

Only, she was not allowed anywhere near the set due to supposed "Covid restrictions". She knew he was filling with Fox but thought her to be much older, and with kids, so basically Ray did not see her as competition. 

Till she saw the video, and figured it all out. 

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Wrongly Accused, & Threatened

So not only did Kelly cheat on her with the very beautiful Megan Fox, he even accused her of breaking up with him on his birthday via a Tweet. 

Ray was more than happy to combat it with a tweet of her own that said, "oh really? I thought she came to bring you your birthday gifts. #fakenews."

So Kelly apologized, tweeting, "I shouldn't have tweeted personal business. especially when the person is a great human and this tweet seems one-sided."

Even so, Sommer Ray started getting threats from "Kelly's cult" as she calls it.

It Takes Three To Tango

So what made Kelly leave all this hotness, and go for the uber heat of Fox? While admittedly, there's something about Megan, it could be Sommer's three-month rule...

Said Ray on Logan Paul's Podcast, "Impaulsive", "I dated Colson, never had sex with him. I make you wait at least three months because I have to make sure that you're someone good to me. Colson never passed the test."

Not putting out cost Ray her relationship with Kelly, but she seemed happier about it than sad, considering it was he who failed, not her.  The snake!

She Might Have Hooked Up With Fox Herself

So does Ray have any regrets about outing MGK? According to her, not a single one. Said she, "I don’t really feel bad saying that because he did kind of cheat on me with Megan Fox."

But she was cool about it too, joking that had she been in his place, even she may have cheated on him with Megan Fox, and that's some girl-on-girl imagery for people to go crazy about. 

So Sommer has cleared the air, and now, we wait for MGK's response. Or not!

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