Sommer Ray Cleans Up Sexy Image, Leaves Fans Surprised

Is Sommer Ray leaving her Insta baddie days behind? This could be a possibility in the future, as many have noticed that her posts have changed quite a bit recently.

The influencer is well known for her juicy behind. In fact, her whole brand is all about her sexy, bootylicious figure. She has definitely established herself as the queen of Instagram booties. That may all change soon, however.

Her new looks is totally different from the old Sommer and her fans can barely recognize who she is!

Scroll down to see Sommer's new look.

Bikinis Are A Staple

Bikinis are definitely a staple in Sommer's closet. She is proud of her figure, which she worked hard for. She also wants everyone to know that her booty is all natural. No silicones and butt fillers in there. Just plain ol' exercising and good diet.

The model often talks about her natural body on interviews and even on her Instagram posts. In an interview with Forbes, she expressed how important it is for her to be fit and healthy.

"I just want to promote a healthy, natural lifestyle. I’m really against plastic surgery and all that stuff", she explained.

She Doesn't Want The Ass Crown Anymore!

Last month, Sommer also guested on Logan Paul's podcast "Impaulsive". The episode made headlines because of Sommer's revelation that ex-beau Machine Gun Kelly cheated on her with Megan Fox.

But aside from that spicy gossip, she also dropped a pretty big bomb that shocked the hosts. She was asked who she thought was a worthy competitor in the ass department among other Insta baddies and her answer was:

"Honestly, I don't even want the ass crown. They can f****n have it. I've had the ass crown, I'm ready for something new!"

You can watch the full interview on YouTube.

Is This Why She Is Doing Glam Now?

This could be why Sommer is looking all glammed up in her recent photo shoots!

A couple of days ago, Sommer shared an Instagram reel of a BTS photo shoot where she was looking so different in a full face of make-up, blowed out hair and a corseted midi dress. She wasn't showing off her ass or boobs here!

Fans were surprised with her look and flooded the comments.

"WHO IS SHE.", a person wrote.

"That doesn't even look like you.", another one said.

"Your pretty but prettier without the makeup I think we all prefer your true beautiful identity", a fan chimed in.

Back To Shaking Her Booty

While Sommer might be trying out a fresh look, it seems like she won't be completely letting go of her ass crown. At least not right now.

Yesterday, she posted a reel that showed her exercising in revealing booty shorts. She also promoted her booty bands and did a little sexy dance.

Fans were definitely happy to see her fun side back again!

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