Kaley Cuoco Slips Into Bed And Throws Shade After SAG Loss

Kaley Cuoco just loves to shock her fans with surprising Instagram content. This time, with a little bit of shade.

The actress recently posted a short video clip of herself slipping into bed after her SAG Awards loss. Surprisingly, she threw a little bit of shade! 

Scroll down to see the surprising video clip below.

She Is Raw And Real

Kaley is one of the few celebrities who is not afraid to go raw on her Instagram account. 

Her feed is not curated and rarely filtered. Most of the time, she shares down-to-earth content, which makes her more relatable and lovable. 

She is also not afraid to be real and vulnerable, posting pictures where she is make-up free, wearing sweatpants and just chilling with her dogs.

It is definitely refreshing to see a big star not be too obsessed with their looks!

Real Life Cinderella

But she is not all sweats and messy buns, of course! She can glam up too. And when she does, she serves looks!

The actress had a Cinderella moment last month, when she wore an Oscar de la Renta gown for the Golden Globe Awards.

Kaley's HBO show "The Flight Attendant" racked up so many nominations this awards season and she was determined to be the belle of the ball.

She surely transformed into a real life Cinderella in her gorgeous ball gown. While she lost the award, she did enjoy some late night treats afterwards.

Throwing A Little Bit Of Shade?

For the SAG Awards last week, Kaley wore a bright pink gown from Prabal Gurung. She slayed the look but did not win the award. She dealt with the loss in true Kaley fashion, by throwing in a little bit of humor.

Kaley posted a video clip on Instagram where she stormed in her bedroom, still dressed in her gown and carrying drinks. She slipped into bed, turned on the TV and started watching "Schitt's Creek."

"Goodnight and thank you @sagawards ! Wow am I grateful to be a freakin actor 💯💓 Now to continue binging my favorite show 😉", she captioned her post.

Winning Our Hearts More

While "The Flight Attendant" got a lot of noms, it's CBC's "Schitt's Creek" that's been bagging all the Ws.

Instead of sulking, Kaley handled it like a true class act. Fans and followers just loved her joke and gave her some love on the comments:

"☠️living for this and you! 💕", SAG awards commented.

"legends supporting legends 🙌" HBO Max Pop chimed in.

"You look stunning as always I’m cracking up because I can see the cupping 😂", fans also noticed the marks on her back.

She's beautiful and funny too, making everyone love her even more.


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