Kaley Cuoco Shows Perfect Form In Sweaty Workout

Kaley Cuoco is kind of a freak of nature, we think. She just keeps on proving time and time again how perfect she is!

The 35-year-old actress, who has over 6 million followers on Instagram, is a queen not just on the TV screen but also on the social media platform.

She has been giving her followers a glimpse of her personal life and we can't help but be obsessed with her even more.

Kaley recently shared personal videos of her riding and we're impressed to see that she can ride pretty hard. Her form -- perfect!

Scroll down below to see Kaley's riding hard.

Throwing Shade But Not Really

Kaley recently made headlines when she posted a video of her watching "Schitt's Creek" after losing to them at the SAG awards.

Dressed in a bright pink Prabal Gurung gown, Kaley slipped into bed with a drink. She captioned her post:

"Goodnight and thank you @sagawards ! Wow am I grateful to be a freakin actor 💯💓 Now to continue binging my favorite show 😉"

People thought she was throwing shade at the show but she was actually just finding humor in the situation. Definitely made her fans laugh!

Work Hard Play Hard

Aside from her funny videos, Kaley also loves to post her workout routines on her feed and on her stories.

It looks like she stepped up her fitness regimen during quarantine and her body looks hotter than ever.

She shared a super cool video edit of an intense workout with her trainer and fitness partner/hot sister Briana Cuoco. Kaley said in the captions that she works hard and plays hard too.

We can clearly see how much she does to keep her figure tight and fit!

She Can Ride Hard Too

Another passion that the blonde beauty shares is her riding and she has a pretty impressive form.

Kaley has been riding horses since she was 15 years old. She and her husband Karl Cook are both equestrians and both ride competitively.

A couple of weeks ago, she posted a video of her riding and you can see that she definitely knows what she's doing. She had the perfect form!

Fans could not believe their eyes:

"I can’t believe that’s you 🔥🔥🔥", one person wrote on the comments section.

"That's incredibly impressive🔥🙌", another one said.

Riding Is Hard

But while she is a trained equestrian, Kaley has also had her share of epic riding fails.

Last year, the actress shared a throwback video where she took a little bit of a tumble when her horse refused to jump. Thankfully, she was quick and landed on her feet, avoiding what could have been a very bad injury!


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