Dove Cameron Shares BTS Look At 'Powerpuff Girls' Set

Dove Cameron is so psyched about her latest project and her fans are too!

The ex-Disney star has been casted as a Powerpuff Girl in a new live-action series by CW and she has been proudly posting her excitement on Instagram.

A couple of weeks ago, Dove posted a series of photos on Instagram that showed behind the scenes of the much-anticipated show. Details about the series are still kept under wraps but it looks like they have finished shooting the first season!

See a behind-the-scenes look of the new CW Powerpuff Girls series below. 

Damn, She's Flexible!

Dove has been training very hard for this project so there must be some pretty intense scenes included. In an old post, she was even seen flying around while on a harness.

She also recently shared a video of herself doing a bridge pose with a trainer and her flexibility is off the roof. 

Her fans were so impressed and some couldn't even believe that her body could bend that way.

"you’re like: what are bones again?", one person wrote on the comments.

"you woke up and chose to not have a spine", another one said.

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Not Feeling The Costumes?

It wasn't too long ago when pictures of the new Powerpuff Girls shooting on set surfaced on the Internet.

The photos, which were taken by paparazzi, were posted on PopSugar. People were a little shocked and turned off by the costumes, which apparently looked "cheap" and "trashy".

Dove hasn't spoken about the dress drama, which blew up on the comments section of the pictures. 

See the controversial photos below:

She IS Bubbles

Despite the ongoing dress debacle, Dove has kept mum and just focused on bringing Bubbles to life.

In her behind-the-scenes post, she included a short clip of her look as the iconic superhero.

To be honest, not much has changed because she is still blonde, doe-eyed and beautiful. But there are a couple of details that were definitely so Bubbles -- the pigtails and the blue eye make-up!

It's still too early to tell if the show is going to live up to expectations but if there's one thing we can be sure of, it's that Dove Cameron was born to play this role.

See more BTS pics below.

Can We See The Full Look, Please?

Teasing us with the look!

Dove also included a couple of pics that showed just silhouettes of her as Bubbles. In one photo, she even had on a Bubbles gold necklace. It looks like she is very invested in the show and is really enjoying being in character.

She also captioned in the photo series that the show has "wrapt". That was fast! Not throwing judgement for now but we're definitely excited to see this live-action remake!


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