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Sommer Ray Reveals Her New Bae On Hiking Date

By Cha Miñoza
Sommer Ray wearing a camouflage top while posing with her hands on her hair.
Sommer Ray | Instagram

Sommer Ray Reveals Her New Bae On Hiking Date

Sommer Ray shared her new bae on Instagram and we are a little shook!

The influencer and model has been single for a long time but she's finally ready to open her heart again. She recently went on a hike and brought her new "bae" with her.

Her new partner is not someone you'd expect but she sure looked like she was having so much fun on the hiking date!

Scroll down to see Sommer Ray's newest bae.

Love Will Find It's Way Back To You

Sommer Ray wearing a furry black outfit for a photoshoot.
Sommer Ray | Instagram

A couple of months ago, Sommer hinted at wanting for love to come back to her.

She posted a series of pics taken at a photoshoot where she was dressed in a furry black outfit.

"all the love you’ve given to the wrong people - it will find it’s way back to you", she captioned the post.

It seemed like Sommer was feeling a little emotional and hinting that she may be ready to love again. But this time, with the right one!

She Claimed MGK Cheated On Her With Megan Fox

Sommer Ray at the beach.
Sommer Ray | Instagram

Sommer Ray has had a couple of celebrity boyfriends including fellow YouTuber RiceGum and also singer Max Ehrich. 

Her most famous ex is rapper Machine Gun Kelly but that brief relationship did not end well. 

She guested in the Impaulsive podcast and had some revelations about her past with MGK. According to Sommer, she hasn't completely ended it yet with the rapper when he started flirting with co-star Megan Fox

There seems to be no bad blood, though, because she said she would also probably do the same thing. 

"I'm like, dude, I'd probably do the same thing, like I'd cheat on Colson with Megan Fox if it was the other way around."

Meet Her New Bae

Sommer Ray posing with a yellow snake wrapped around her torso with its head resting on her face.
Sommer Ray | Instagram

"hikes w bae," Sommer wrote alongside her hiking photos. 

In the pics, Sommer is canoodling with a yellow snake. The animal was wrapped around her torso and its head was resting on her face. Sommer had a big smile and seemed to be really happy. 

She may not have a man in her life yet but at least she's happy with her snake bae. 

"What happens when bae gets hungry on the hike??? Lol," YouTuber King Back commented. 

"How are you holding a snake?!?!," one fan was shook.

She Likes Creepy Animals

Sommer Ray doing a duckface pose while a tarantula spider is on her eyebrow.
Sommer Ray | Instagram

While some fans may be shocked to see the sexy model with a snake wrapped around her, this is not really the first time that she has played with creepy  crawlies. 

It looks like she has a little fetish for snakes and spiders. In an old video, she has already played with smaller snakes. She also revealed that she has a tarantula BFF who has been with her for 20 years. 

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