The Real Reason You Never Hear About Lebron James' Wife

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Lebron James is one of the most famous athletes of all time but when it comes to his relationship, we rarely hear about his wife.

A lot of high-profile athletes tend to date famous actresses or models but Lebron chose differently.

He has been with his wife for a long time and the couple has three children together. They been happily married for awhile now and are still going strong.

Scroll below to find out why you never hear about Lebron's wife.

He's A Loving Family Man

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While we all know Lebron James to be a powerhouse player in the NBA, there is more to him than being an athlete.

Off the court, Lebron is a loving family man. He has three adorable children: two sons named Bronny and Bryce, and a daughter named Zhuri.

Bronny, the eldest son, is following his dad's footsteps and is starting his career in basketball. He is only 16 years old but is already making a name for himself in high school basketball.

High School Sweethearts

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Lebron is also a great husband to his wife!

While they are rarely featured in the news, Lebron and Savannah James are true relationship goals.

These two are actually high school sweethearts. They met through a mutual friend and Lebron asked for Savannah's number. She didn't give it and asked for his number instead.

“One day I’m sitting around — I was probably bored or something — and I’m like, ‘Oh, I forgot! I have this number for this guy that I can call. He seemed interested, so let’s see.’" Savannah shared in an interview.

In total, they have been together for 18 years!

Savannah shared an epic throwback of their prom date in 2004 on her Instagram.

Savannah Likes To Keep Things Private

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Why is it that we never hear about Savannah James despite being married to one of the most famous basketball players?

Savannah is a private person and likes to keep things low-key. But here's something that you should know -- she is definitely more than just "Lebron James' wife".

Aside from being a mom of three, Savannah is also a business woman and a philantrophist.

In 2013, she created the "I PROMise Makeover event". A charitable event that helped give prom dresses to underprivileged girls.

Hubby's Biggest Supporter

Lebron James | Instagram

She is also, of course, her husband's biggest supporter.

“Savannah was with me shooting in the gym when I [had] absolutely nothing,” Lebron once gushed in an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

“[Savannah] was down when I was at my high school, no cameras, no lights. And she was there with me. You wouldn't be talking to me right now if it weren't for her.”

What a loyal queen!


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