The Star From 'Little Miss Sunshine' Is All Grown Up: Pics Here!

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Do you remember Abigail Breslin? The little girl from Mel Gibson's "Signs"? And if you don't, she was Olive Hoover in "Little Miss Sunshine". But that was way back in 2006 and now Abigail Breslin still has the sweetest smile, but she is all grown up and 25 already.

From a pretty little girl with some teeth missing, Breslin has now become a PYT of sorts and continues to do movies, even if her transformation may escape your attention. So here is what Abigail Breslin looks like, now...

From A Little Girl...

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As a child actor, Abigail Breslin was a force to content with, and even nominated for an Academy Award in 2007 as Best Supporting Actress.

She may not have won that, but she definitely collected many other awards and accolades over the years, her last nomination coming in 2016. She was nominated for the Fangoria Chainsaw Award as Best Actress for her role in the movie, "Maggie".

With appearances in "Zombieland: Double Tap" and more, Breslin is on her way up in Hollywood and celebrity news.

And her red carpet appearances are only getting hotter.

To A Gorgeous Gurl

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Abigail's dressing has also matured with her age. From a little girl who loved to appear on the red carpet with pooches or even stuffed animals, Breslin slowly morphed into a teen with style, and then an adult with flair for the glam.

She also debuted blonde locks which have only gotten icier with age and make her look absolutely ravishing, on the red carpet, or off it.

Plus, the girl has a sense of humor, considering the beach picture she posted of herself with her boyfriend's, erm, feet.

And She Sings Too

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Along with being an actor, from child to adult, of considerable repute, Breslin also dabbles in singing.

In 2011, she took on the role of Janie Jones, and she recorded five original songs for her character, which were received well. Happy with the response, Breslin began to put out music of her own.

She began sedate, with Christmas songs, but in 2014, after a bad breakup, Breslin sang "You Suck", as a revenge song. After a bit of a backlash, Breslin apologized to her fans and now, it's Steve McQueen.

The World Is Abigail's Oyster

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Overall, Abigail is proud of her journey and how far she's come over the years.

She does say that the time she hit her teens was the most transitive of all, when people did not associate her with a grown up but a kid.

She did take a bit of a break in between but soon she was back, and cooler but hotter than ever.

The movie list is growing, the accolades are piling up and Breslin has never looked better. Right?

Lookout for her and Matt Damon in "Stillwater".


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