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The Real Reason Why Queen Elizabeth II Doesn't Live In Buckingham Palace

By Cha Miñoza
Queen Elizabeth wearing a yellow hat with flower decorations and smiling for the public.
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The Real Reason Why Queen Elizabeth II Doesn't Live In Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth has moved out of Buckingham Palace and may never return to her London base. She has now taken permanent residence back at Windsor Castle.

While a lot of people are sad to hear of this news, there are several reasons why this could be the best move for Her Majesty.

At first, the change of residence was thought to be only temporary but it looks to now be a permanent decision.

Scroll down to find out why Queen Elizabeth won't be returning to Buckingham.

Her Husband's Remains Are At Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth with Prince Philip riding in a carriage.
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Prince Philip's remains lies beneath St. George Chapel at Windsor Castle.

The resting place is a 200-year-old vault that was built between 1810 and 1814. However, this will not be his final resting place.

Upon the Queen's death, Prince Philip's remains will be transferred to King George VI memorial chapel, which is also in Windsor, to join his wife. Other royals who were buried in the chapel include Princess Margaret, the Queen Mother and King George VI himself.

It's Best For Her Health

Queen Elizabeth riding alone inside a carriage.
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When the pandemic happened, the Queen and Prince Philip were forced to move to Windsor Castle, where they could live in isolation with their close-knit house staff.

As Buckingham Palace is in the heart of London, where there are frequent visitors and there are various events happening, it will not be safe for the Queen to be exposed anymore.

"She is in good health but it was thought best to move her," a royal source was quoted saying.

She Has Always Loved Windsor Castle More

Queen Elizabeth wearing a pink outfit and hat while waving to the public.
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She has always loved Windsor Castle more than Buckingham Palace.

While she lived in the Palace during the majority of her reign, the Windsor Castle is close to her heart.

According to royal biographer Penny Junor, writer of The Firm, the Queen never actually wanted to move to Buckingham Palace after her father's death.

"None of them wanted to go. They loved Clarence House; it was a family home, but Winston Churchill, who was then Prime Minister, insisted upon it" the writer said in her book.

So, What Happens To Buckingham Palace?

The front view of the Buckingham Palace.
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So, if the Queen has now chosen to reside at Windsor Castle, what happens to the Buckingham Palace?

One of the things people have been wondering is if Prince Charles will be moving in.

According to reports, the Prince also has no interest in moving there.

“He doesn’t see it as a ­viable future home or a house that’s fit for purpose in the modern world. He feels its upkeep, both from a cost and environmental perspective, is not sustainable” a source told The Sunday Times.

Reports also say that there are plans of transitioning the Palace into a "monarchy HQ" in the future.

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