Zoë Kravitz Reveals Favorite Skincare Products For A Strong Selfie Game

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Zoë Kravitz is a 32-year-old actress, singer, and model from Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, and has become a household name, appearing as superhero Angel Salvadore in “X-Men: First Class” and will appear as Catwoman in “The Batman,” set to premiere in 2022.

The “Gemini” actress is also a fashion model and has starred in ads for Vera Wang, Coach, Tumi, Calvin Klein, and Tiffany & Co. She is also the face of YSL Beauté and loves showing off her favorite skincare products.

Classic Red Lip

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One of Kravitz’s most recent collections is her Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick. The collection features eight new red colors, each of them named for Kravitz’s favorite cities.

Shades like London Sky, Paris Stroll, NYC Jungle, and Brooklyn Baby feature a wide range of shades, from a deep burgundy red to a deep nude with red undertones.

“I love a red lip,” Kravitz confessed. “There's a theme that follows the color red, and it's synonymous with beauty.”

Stay Hydrated

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One of the best ways to keep skin healthy is to moisturize, and Kravitz revealed that the Retrouvé Intensive Facial Moisturizer is her go-to product when she has dry skin. She described it as “incredibly hydrating, and I love the smell and texture of this—it feels like putting honey on your face."

She also has a DIY kitchen staple she uses to keep her skin fresh: coconut oil.

“Every time I get out of the shower, I put coconut oil on. It’s great,” she shared. “I’ll use any brand as long as it’s 100 percent, and it’s something that I’ll pick up at the health-food store.”

Not Too Much

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To keep her skin looking glowing and flawless, Kravitz revealed that she only uses nine products on her face, including Touche Éclat High Cover Radiant Under-Eye Concealer and Isun Skincare Antioxidant Sun Butter.

“It’s fun that no one can tell you’re wearing something on your eyes or on your face,” she explains. “It’s like a little trick!”

She continued, “There are different kinds of makeup, and everyone finds their own style, but I do like to try to encourage people to enhance the things that you love and not try to change your face completely or reshape your face completely.”

Find Your Style

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Kravitz loves to use her products to experiment and create new looks, but when it comes to looking your best, it all comes down to health.

“I really think wellness starts with diet, exercise, hydration,” Kravitz shared.

“I think it’s all about balance, right? I think it's about joy and happiness and laughter. I really think that affects how you look and feel. Then, you don’t have to use makeup to cover yourself up; you can use it to highlight.”


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