These Korean Beauty Secrets Are Guaranteed To Give You Great Skin

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Korean Beauty or K-Beauty is all the rage nowadays, fuelled in part because of K-Pop's popularity.

And honestly speaking, the Korean women (and men, for that matter) do seem to have the most translucent skin, with a dewy look about them that everyone wants to emulate.

But it's more than just make-up. K-Beauty is all about treating your skin right and investing in your beauty. Face it, nothing in the world worth having comes easy or cheap. Except for secrets...

So here are some K-Beauty secrets that may help you on the road to having [great skin][

Fancy Some Escargots?

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Unlike the French who seem to have a penchant for the slimy on their plates, Korean beauty prefers their snails in serum.

When irritated or stressed, snails produce a slimy substance called mucin, and Koreans believe this is what keeps their skin nearly ageless.

There is some evidence that snail mucin can keep skin smoother looking but it's not going to vanquish deep folds, wrinkles, or creases. But then again, regular use of snail mucin may stave off deep-set wrinkles in the first place.

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Three Time's The Cleansing Charm

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What does face cleansing mean for most of us? A quick splash in the morning and micellar water wipes in the evening to take off make-up? For K-Beauty standards, that's a big, big fail.

According to K-Beauty, cleansing has to be intensive. So many would start with wiping the face down to tackle stubborn impurities. Then comes an oil-based cleanser to take off oil-based impurities.

Finally, K-Beauty says you take a foamy cleanser to rinse off any water-based impurities. And they do this before they put on make-up...

Treat Your Skin Gently

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We treat our skin too roughly sometimes, and K-Beauty says the skin needs to be treated gently. Instead of rubbing any product on the skin, many top beauty advisors say gently tapping your skin is a better way to work on a product.

This is also why K-Beauty believes in sheet masks because instead of the stretch and pull caused by the applying and removals of pasty masks, sheet masks work with gentleness.

And if you have a pimple, K-Beauty does not ask you to douse your face with anti-acne cream. They have pimple patches. Cool, right?

Layer In The Moisture

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The trick to that pearlescent dewy skin K-Beauty is so famous for lies in intensive moisture. The skin can only look dewy if it is dewy. So use the serums and the moisturizers, the creams, and the night masks, the sheet masks, and the face oils and everything that you know suits your skin and keeps it hydrated.

Clean and moisturized skin will not only glow, but it will also hold make-up all that better, and give your that glow that you have always wanted.


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