5 Skincare Products Every Woman Should Use In Her 30s

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Hit your 30s? Congratulations, life seems way more sorted than what it felt like a decade before, right? And even if it isn't so, you are getting there. At your own pace.

The one thing that does have to change in your 30s though, is the skincare routine you follow. You can't play fast and loose with your skin the way you did in your 20s, because as the first flush of youth passes, skincare needs to get a little more intensive. So here are five products every woman in her 30s should use, tailor-made to her skin, of course.

Dedicated Makeup Remover & Cleanser

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You may have managed your 20s by scrubbing that makeup off with soap or even (gasp) forgetting to remove the makeup at times... But in your 30s, you need to treat your skin far more gently and with a makeup remover and cleaner that gives your skin some TLC.

The Koreans believe in a three-step cleansing ritual and they may have something there, considering their dewy skin.

But if three times over sounds too much, just get a good makeup cleanser that can tackle both oil and water-based impurities and leave you with fresh, glowing skin.

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A Moisturizer For Your Kind Of Skin

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Your skin loses more moisture in your 30s than it did in your 20s. This is why it feels drier now than it did before.

So make sure you are moisturizing right and doing it frequently. Use the right products for your skin. Get moisturizers and creams that are specially formulated for your skin, be it dry, oily, or a T-zone combination.

Use water-based moisturizers or oil-based ones and in case any product makes you break out, you may need to drop it from your beauty routine.

That said, remember...

Start The Anti-Aging Serums Now

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The 30s is when you want to start slowing the aging process. The idea isn't not to age, of course, but to do as gracefully as possible, with skin that glows all the way.

Anti-aging serums and revitalizing night creams are important steps to a good skincare routine for your 30s.

Serums are formulated to be absorbed by the skin and give long-lasting results while night creams work towards rejuvenating your skin, after what it faced through the day.

Anti-aging products will keep glowing as you enter your 40s, and preserve your youth that much better. Here's some inspiration!

SPF & Spot Treatments

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Finally, SPF. You may hit the beach in your 20s hoping for a tan, minus the SPF but in your 30s, we'd advise you to slather it on.

With age, the skin thins and sun damage is way easier and more apparent than before. SPF will keep your skin safe from all the UV rays of the sun and help it stay youthful.

Also, sometimes the hormones can yo-yo and pimples are common. Instead of using an acne treatment all over, use spot correctors, tackling only that part of your skin that truly has a problem.


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