This Summer, Go For Booze-Less Drinks & Have One For Your Health

Unsplash | Helena Yankovska

Dry July may be over but that doesn't mean your August needs to be alcoholic, right? The thing is, with the pandemic ebbing and flowing like the tides, adults on lockdown seemed to have indulged and partied like there was no tomorrow. But perhaps it's time to give the booze a break and detoxify your body. After all, alcohol can lower immunity too.

So here's how you can have the fun and taste and have drinks like every else, but do it with these booze-less wonders.

For Some Joy: Kin Euphorics

Unsplash | Victoria Shes

We normally drink to make ourselves a little happier and drown our sorrows. But what if we could do all that minus the harmful effects of alcohol?

Meet Kin Euphorics, who call themselves: "A new category of functional, non-alcoholic beverages to balance body, mind, and spirit."

The drink by Kin Euphorics claims to come with adaptogens for stress management, nootropics to buzz the brain awake, and finally Botanics for the best flavor ever.

With different flavors and target actions, there's a Kin Euphoric for every mood. Interested?

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From The Seed To Your Lip: SeedLip

Unsplash | Alexandra Golovac

Fancy a cocktail? How about we turn the c into an m, and you try a mocktail made from the flavors of SeedLip whose tagline reads, "What to drink when you’re Not drinking".

Seedlip makes non-alcoholic spirits that have all the flavor but no kick and can make you the most scrumptious and refreshing mocktails. Thinks delicious herb flavors, citrus fruits, and the freshest flavors that nature has to offer.

Who says Margaritas cannot be mock, especially with Mediterranean orange?

Swipe right for more.

Just Desserts: Sweet Reason

Unsplash | David Gabrić

The photo has to have given this drink away, right? Meet Sweet Reason, "CBD-infused beverages created to calm the minds of humankind."

If you feel that mocktails and non-alcoholic infusions are not taking the edge off, then Sweet Reason offers another alternative.

With 30mg of CBD and 10mg of hemp extract, Sweet Reason offers many flavors all of which work to take away your stress and put you in a great mood.

Minus the booze, of course. With plenty of nature's best adaptogens.

Wine? Nah, Just Some Acid League

Unsplash | Kym Ellis

Love yourself a glass of wine after a hard day at work? Hate the headache and the sleepiness in the morning?

Well, try some acid instead. Rather, try the proxies from Acid League which will give you the good feeling of pristine Napa Valley, but come booze-less.

As they say it themselves, "Layered blends with all the complexity, none of the alcohol".

They also do Living Vinegar in case the normal non-living variety in your kitchen is just not cutting edge enough for you. Either way, who knew it was so easy to go booze-less?


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