The Truth About What Happens When You Go Off Birth Control

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Women start birth control for many reasons. The most obvious one, of course, is to avoid a pregnancy but there are plenty of menstruation-related issues when doctors advise birth control.

And Birth control itself can be of many types. From low dose hormonal pills to the patch, a vaginal ring to hormonal IUDs, injections, or an implanted rod.

The result is the same. To create a barrier between the sperm and the egg. But what happens to your body and health when you stop birth control? Let's find out...

Periods Can Become A Pain

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One big benefit of birth control, especially the pill, is that periods get regulated, to the day and hour. Plus, they get lighter, with less bleeding and less pain as well.

Once you go off birth control, heavy periods can come back with a vengeance especially if you already had irregular periods, or faced excessive bleeding and pain.

Plus, let us state the obvious. No birth control also means your chances of getting pregnant are high, and mistakes can happen in the case of natural birth control as well as the use of condoms.

Some thoughts.

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On The Brighter Side...

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Let's talk about some of the joyful effects too. If you gained a little weight when you went on birth control, you may end up losing that now. Of course, do not expect a miracle, for that try upping your activity and following a healthy diet.

Another good thing about stopping birth control is that your libido may rise. Some women feel birth control is strangling their sex life. So going off it may revive it, but on the flip side, do remember that no birth control means high chances of pregnancy. More so if you are having more sex now.


More Hormonal Pros & Cons

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Expect mid-month cramps as well, considering you are ovulating now. And this is just your body reminding you that the egg is on its way to meet the sperm. Stopping it is now no longer your birth control's responsibility but yours.

Also, your PMS may be back again, which means 2-3 days in a month, people may not want to be around you as much. Or not at all!

But if birth control gave you a headache, these may stop now. But then again, period migraines may start again.

And remember...

It's A Medical Decision, So Consult Before You Decide

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You may also get a tad hairier because of all the hormones coursing through your system now and may have a little acne now and then.

But what long-term birth control helps you with, in a big way, is stave off ovarian and endometrial cancers. and it will keep this safety shield on even when you go off birth control, along with also providing you more health benefits.

Remember, decide to go off birth control after consulting with your doctor and choosing to go another way with all the risks and benefits at hand.

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