How To Use 'Cycle Syncing' To Boost Productivity

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Cycle syncing is a new wellness trend developed by integrative nutritionist Alisa Vitti.

This method is founded on using women's natural rythm, instead of fighting it. The idea came to Vitti when she was having health problems. She used her medical training to find a solution.

“I started to research how I could use diet and exercise to naturally support endocrine function,” she says. “So many women struggle with menstrual disturbances and conventional medicine doesn’t have much to offer other than birth control. That can be a great option, but I wanted to find other ways to help women support their hormone system and have more agency over the quality of their hormonal health.”

Here's how to use your cycle to be more productive:

Follicular Phase

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The follicular phase starts after bleeding ends. This is the time when reproductive hormones are very low.

Known as the phase of new beginnings, your body will have a subtle increase in estrogen, which will have you feeling more creative, curious and inspired.

Use this time to plan a passion project, develop a new idea or just squeeze out your creativity. Your creative energy will be at an all-time high, so be open to new ideas and thoughts.

Ovulatory Phase

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The ovulatory phase happens about 3-4 days in the middle of your cycle.

During this time, your confidence is soaring and you can communicate more effectively.

You can utilize this phase by expanding your network and socializing. Follow up on pending projects, make connections and have those important conversations that you've been putting off.

Luteal Phase

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The longest phase of your cycle is the luteal phase. This is the time when your estrogen and progesterone levels rise. Your energy will start to dwindle and your body may also experience cramps and bloating.

It is recommended to use this period for "deep work". Examine project details and do admin work. Because your energy levels are dwindling down, you may need to relax. Listen to your body and support it with proper nutrients and rest.

Menstruation Phase

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"During menstruation, the right and left hemispheres are maximally communicating across the bundle of nerve fibers that connect them called the corpus callosum," Vitti says. "At this time in the cycle, you are the most able to synthesize facts about situations and process how you feel about them to determine the best path forward."

Your clarity and intuition is on an all-time high during this time. It is best to use this period evaluate your life and do some self-reflection.

Awareness of your cycle and how you can use it to your advantage will lead to less burnout and more satisfaction.


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