Kristin Cavallari Reveals Exactly What She Feeds Her Kids

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Former reality TV star, businesswoman, author, and ex-Mrs. Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari's parenting style comes under question now and then.

Parents to daughter Saylor James, 5, as well as sons Jaxon Wyatt, 7, and Camden Jack, 9; Kristin and her now-ex NFL husband Jay Cutler are actually not all that different from normal parents if her comments are to be believed.

That said; social media has accused her of keeping her kids "too skinny" and it all boils down to her cookbook.

Are The Kids On A Diet?

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In 2018, Kristin Cavallari's cookbook is called "True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen with More Than 100 Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar" and stirred a bit of controversy.

In the book, she talks about how her kids eat what she eats and cooks, and it's all, "organic as much as possible, wild-caught fish, grass-fed beef, fresh fruits and vegetables, and no white flour, sugar, or salt".

Plus the book's description says that they avoid "anything heavily processed and anything that has been stripped of natural nutrients".

But the trolls have a problem.

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The Kids Have Been Called 'Too Skinny'

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The diet that Cavallari talks about in her book has been dubbed as way too restrictive for children on social media, and Instagram pictures of her boys have made the trolls say that her kids are too skinny.

While Cavallari mostly ignores all the backlash, she did say in an interview with People magazine, "We’re not as strict as I think everyone may think we are".

Cavallari emphasized that they are normal parents and like all families, eat as healthy as they can with little bits of indulgence here and there.

Cavallari Says Kids Get Weekly Donuts

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Still married at the time, Cavallari stated, "We’ve been getting my kids donuts pretty much every weekend and we don’t think twice about it.”

Clearly, social media has been making a bit too much about her book and taking her comments a little too seriously when it comes to her kids.

She continued saying, “I’m not so strict with them that they’re gonna go to a friend’s house and then go to college and just completely go the other way. I’m realistic too, and I want them to be kids and enjoy everything that comes with being a kid.”

Fans Stand By Her

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When Cavallari recently posted a picture of her on a beach with her two boys, she got comments like, "Oh my gosh that kid in the back looks very skinny😮".

For others, it was all about her dressing sense as one Instagram user wrote, "dress like a Mom when around your kids Please".

But for many, Cavallari was doing no wrong. Especially with her then-husband, Jay Cutler, being a Type 1 diabetic.

The 31-year-old single momma is doing the best she can and it's time the trolls left what she feeds her kids, to her.


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