Olivia Rodrigo Spotted Wearing TikTok's Viral Boots

Olivia Rodrigo | Instagram

Olivia Rodrigo is not only taking over the music charts, she is also impressing everyone with her fashion style.

The 18-year-old singer, who became popular with her breakthrough hit "Driver's License," was recently spotted walking around in California wearing TikTok's viral boots.

These are no ordinary pair of boots and it's not surprising why TikTok is obsessed with them.

Scroll down to see how Olivia styled her viral TikTok boots.

She Was A Disney Star

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Before Olivia became a pop star, she was a Disney star.

She started her career at just 12 years old doing commercials. At 13, she had her Disney debut on Bizaardvark. Her biggest Disney project was in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series , where she played the lead female role.

This is also where she met Joshua Bassett, the supposed guy who inspired her break-up songs.

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She's A Big Taylor Swift Fan

Olivia Rodrigo | Instagram

When it comes to music, she credits Taylor Swift as her inspiration. She has said that she has looked up to Swift since she was five years old.

“I’ve always looked up to Taylor since I was literally five years old,” Rodrigo shared in an interview. “Obviously I think she’s the best songwriter of all time, but she’s so business-savvy and she really cares about her career in that regard too – that’s been really inspiring for me to watch somebody take control of their career and their life like that.”

The two singers finally met for the first time at The Brit Awards and posed together, delighting their respective fandoms.

She Supports Sustainable Fashion

Olivia Rodrigo | Instagram

Here's something you probably didn't know -- Olivia wears sustainable fashion.

In an interview, she shared that she watched The True Cost on Netflix and this was an eye-opener for her.

“I realized I couldn’t keep up those habits if I truly cared about the planet. The fashion industry is also notorious for taking advantage of women and children in less-developed countries. All that to say, I’ve spent the last few years trying to keep my clothing consumption as sustainable as I can.”

Liv's TikTok boots is from Heaven by Marc Jacobs, a brand that has moved towards sustainability lately.

Vintage Fashion Lover

Olivia Rodrigo | Instagram

The viral TikTok boots is a pair of chunky platforms that first made its appearance at the designer's fall 2017 collection.

The boots are from a vintage collection and Olivia has been known to wear a lot of vintage clothing and also shop secondhand at thrift stores.

"I was a big shopaholic. Anytime I was feeling sad I would just buy clothes that I wouldn’t even wear. I would wear them once and throw them away, and I didn’t really realize that those actions have consequences,” she said.

“I’m far from perfect but I think it’s a learning journey and being aware of the consequences of what you buy.”


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