The Most Practical Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms

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Motherhood is beautiful and rewarding but it also comes with a never-ending list of chores to do. If you are a working mother, or have multiple children, or have too much going on in your life, you have the busy mom syndrome.

The stress is high and the work basically keeps piling up, even though you try your best to get through it.

So instead of working yourself up, take a step back, breathe. And try a few practical hacks that other busy moms swear by.

Plan The Weekend Before

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Cooking takes a lot of time. As does the grocery shopping. So the one thing most sorted busy moms know is how to meal plan. They grocery shop right, at the stores they like and get the stuff that is always a hit, balancing taste with health.

Always buy a little extra of the good stuff, the kind that can turn into quick and wholesome meals. And plan your meals in the morning itself. If you know what you are making, things will go a lot faster in the kitchen.

Do you also do this?

Get Up On Time

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We all need our sleep, for more than just beauty. But if you make sure to set an alarm and wake up on time, perhaps just a little earlier before the household, you get time to plan. You also get time to use the bathroom alone and in peace and maybe get in a hot cup of coffee.

And while you're up, set that load of laundry or put the eggs to boil. Just a little more time before the madness of the day descends.

By the way, you are not alone...

Train Kids To Be Independent

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You fix their breakfast, braid the hair, pack the lunches. But do you have to pack their bags and dress them up. So sure, little kids will need help. But don't be afraid of a messy bathroom if your child wants to have a bath on their own. It will save you hours later.

Teach your children to be independent and handle age-appropriate chores like doing their homework, packing their bags, and dressing themselves.

And if they can do more, that's a small load off your back.

And remember, don't do this!

Make Use Of Technology

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We live in a world full of helpful tech. There's Amazon Echo, which can order you all you need online, keep track of your packages and make your to-do lists as you pound on the treadmill.

Shop online when you can, and set alarms and daily reminders for the things that you forget.

Star your favorite recipes, put on some meditation music as you work, and keep a track of things to do. Set up auto-pay on bills, and let technology share the burden. It's happy to do so.

Hope this helps too.


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