How To Choose The Right Bangs For Your Face Shape

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If you've been itching to get a new look, then you've probably thought about getting bangs.

This haircut can completely change your whole look but it is such a big commitment. It can be scary to make the change because you can end up looking awkward.

Before you snip your hair, the first step is to determine your face shape. Take a good look in the mirror and examine your hairline, jawline, and face length.

From there, you can easily figure out the best bangs for your face shape.

For Round Shaped Faces

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Round faces have the width of their face at the cheekbones and length of the face almost the same. A lot of people with round faces tend to think that bangs make their faces look even rounder. But, face-flattering bangs will enhance the features of a round face.

Thick-cut, side-swept bangs that extend to the mid-cheek are best for those with round faces. This style adds an angular length to your face and also helps elongate your jawline.

For Oval Shaped Faces

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Those who have oval-shaped faces are lucky because almost all haircut styles look good with this face shape.

An oval face is a little longer than it is wide and the widest part is at the cheekbone area. It tapers slightly at the jawline and the forehead.

If you have an oval face, go for curtain bangs that's super trendy right now. This haircut style can cover up a large forehead and also softens your features.

For Oblong Shaped Faces

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Those with oblong-shaped faces are almost similar to oval faces but are a little bit longer, with wider foreheads.

This type of face shape also looks good with several types of bangs. You can do a blunt style, with a straight across cut for an edgy look.

If you want a more feminine and romantic vibe, you can also do wispy, feathery bangs that slightly graze the eyebrows. This cut can easily be styled and swept sideways for a different look.

For Square Shaped Faces

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Square-shaped faces are determined by the sides of the face, which are straight, and a slightly angled jawline with minimal curves. The face is nearly as wide as it is long. Typically, this also comes with sharp, angular features and a sharp jawline.

A brow-grazing fringe is the best type of bangs for square faces. This softens the face while also highlighting your enviable features. This face shape can also look good with soft side-swept bangs, which gives off a more romantic allure.


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