5 Fitness Trends To Try In 2021

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The health crisis has made it even more clear how important it is to be fit and healthy.

As the virus continues to wreak havoc, this is the best time to work on your fitness. You're most likely quarantined in your home and travel is still pretty limited, so why not spend your free time working out?

Not only will exercising tone your muscles and burn calories, it can also improve your mental health.

Here are some of most interesting fitness trends to try this year.

1. Yoga For Relaxation

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Overall health and fitness should not just include your physical state but also your mental state.

According to ClassPass, yoga was the most popular digital workout during lockdown. Exercises like yoga and pilates can help you relax and be mindful, while also working your muscles.

The great thing about this kind of exercise is, you don't need any fancy equipment to do it. A yoga mat and a clear mind is all you need to practice yoga poses that will help you combat stress.

2. Eye Yoga

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Yes, there is yoga for the eyes too! Eye yoga has become increasingly popular because everyone's screen time significantly increased during quarantine.

All those Netflix-binging and Zoom meetings can strain your eyes. Without proper rest, this can cause headaches and even vision issues.

To practice eye yoga, you need to do gentle eye movements, which massage the eyes and their surrounding areas. Look up and down, left to right, rotate your eyes, reverse the rotation, close your eyes tight, open your eyes and blink repeatedly. You can do this several times and also try different variations.

3. Micro-HIIT Workouts

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Micro-HIIT exercise is a workout that features a short burst of high intensity interval training, lasting anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes.

This kind of exercise is perfect if you want to lose weight because it can burn a lot of calories. It also stimulates production of cells, according to health advisor in Equinox.

'The healthy stress your body undergoes during HIIT triggers autophagy, which rids your body of cellular debris and stimulates the production of stem cells, the primary regenerative cells in the body. The more stem cells you have, the better you are able to induce super autophagy — it’s a cycle.'

4. Outdoor Fitness

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Even if some gyms have reopened, outdoor fitness in parks and other open areas are still pretty popular.

People have been craving for community and enjoy being surrounded by nature. This activity effectively relieves stress and anxiety.

Just make sure to follow safety and health measures when you are exercising outdoors.

5. Walking

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You'd be surprised that one of the most popular exercises is one of the simplest ones - walking.

Walking is a low impact exercise that also allows you to enjoy nature. When done regularly, it can help improve both physical health and mental health.


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