Prince Harry Not Offended By HBO's Controversial 'The Prince' Show

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Prince Harry seems to have a good sense of humor, according to Gary Janetti, the creator of HBO Max's controversial new animated series titled The Prince.

The show is a satirical take on Prince George's life as an heir to the throne. It also pokes fun at the other royals, including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex.

Scroll down to see what Harry thinks of the show.

Exploiting Children Or Just Good Comedy?

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The show premiered on July 2021 and received both praise and criticism from the public.

In the series, 8-year-old Prince George is the star of the show. However, he is depicted as a conniving and entitled prince who does more trouble than good.

Many viewers called out the show for parodying kids. On social media, the majority of the people are demanding that the show be canceled for being "distasteful" and "exploitative".

“Bottom line, children are off limits,” says Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu via Forbes. “Creating a parody to poke fun at an 8-year-old is not funny. It’s uncalled for, and it goes against our collective sense of responsibility.”

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Orlando Bloom Defends The Show

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Orlando Bloom, who voices Prince Harry in The Prince, defended the show.

"It’s not malicious or intended to be. He’s really got his finger on the pulse, Gary. He’s so smart and so zeitgeisty... I’m not someone who wants to poke fun at anyone normally, but this was so clever, witty and affectionately done," Bloom said in an interview.

Bloom is friends with Prince Harry in real life and are actually neighbors.

Harry Seems Okay With It

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While people are raising their eyebrows at how the show makes fun of the royal family, Prince Harry is surprisingly okay with it.

This is what the show's creator Gary Janetti said on a guesting at Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

"I don't know if Harry has said anything to Orlando about it, but I know before the show premiered, he was aware that Orlando was doing it … and he seemed to have a sense of humor about it," Janetti said.

Meant With Affection

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While the people, most especially the British public, are clamoring for the show to be taken off the air, Janetti stands by his series.

"Everything is meant with affection," he reasons. According to Janetti, his aim is to make the show "super funny" to entertain the viewers.

The royal family has remained quiet over the controversy. The show's first season has already ended and there is no word yet if it will continue to do a second season.


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