Christina Aguilera Sets Fire To Instagram To Promote Music Festival

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40-year-old singer, songwriter Christina Aguilera just set Instagram on fire by recreating the cover of her 2002 album Stripped.

On Sunday, Aguilera, who has slimmed down considerably in the past couple of years, posed topless in front of a mirror, promoting her appearance at the upcoming LadyLand Music Festival to be held in Brooklyn, on September 11, 2021.

This is her first show in New York since she sang for a sold-out one at Radio City Music Hall in 2018. Here's more...

Aguilera's Vibes Were Hot

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Make-up artist Etienne Ortega, who was behind Aguilera's new Instagram look also shared the post with a behind-the-scenes sneak peek as well, writing, "Stripped vibes @xtina 🔥".

For some of her fans, the vibes were different, if equally hot as one wrote, "Giving me nobody wants to be lonely vibes 😍😍😍😍😍😍".

Either way, Christina Aguilera certainly seems to be ready to rock her live performance at the music festival, and fans are wondering if this was a sneak peek for things to come on stage.

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Blowing Fans Away, Continuously

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A week ago, Aguilera had also shared some sultry shots of her in a red velvet suit that showed off her curves and cleavage, much to the delight of her fans.

She let the pictures fly with just a simple caption of "Suit up" and fans were suitably impressed enough to write, "The baddest B in the music industry…periodttt🔥😍".

For others she was "flawless" but some did complain that they needed new music from her, writing, "Yas queen, giving us nothing! Release new music pls".

Here's Aguilera, red hot as always.

Her Fiancé Is A Fan

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The Grammy winner looked stunning, enough for her fiancé of seven years, Matthew Rutler to react to the post.

Wrote Rutler, "Ummmmmm I am going to be there. Especially after seeing this."

Meanwhile, some of the other fans were so blown away, they wrote to Aguilera, asking her if she wanted to kill them by serving them such "fire" looks.

Clearly, most fans can't wait for their queen to show up on stage with the magic of both her voice and her body.

22 Years Have Flown By

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Aguilera just celebrated 22 years of her debut album with an Instagram post, saying, "celebrating 22 years of my debut, self-titled album! ❤️"

Her fans were all too happy to celebrate with her, with one writing ardently, "Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it! This was my first CD ever, and you've been my favorite singer ever since. I love you, Christina! ❤️❤️".

And as one put it, "22 years loving you. Time has flown by❤️". Indeed, and Aguilera is only getting better with age, like fine wine.


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