How To Pandemic Parent Without Losing Your Mind

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The pandemic has not made it easy for anyone. Finances are bad with the economy taking a hit, jobs have been lost and salaries have been slashed. The kids are at home, and still largely unvaccinated in most parts of the world, with adults trying to set a work-life-home balance, and failing.

Adults not only have to make sure that along with their own mental balance, the kids also remain healthy too, so here is how pandemic parenting can be made a bit easier, for all.

Take Care Of Yourself

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You cannot take care of your children if you are not in good health, physically and mentally, yourself. And the pandemic is stressful on adults. Now, we have to manage the kids' studies from home and do most of our work from home as well. And in the middle of all of that, there are chores and housework.

So take a deep breath and do what you need to do to be healthy -- mind, body, and soul. Make time for yourself and first be at peace with it all.

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Relax The Routines, In A Healthy Way

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The children have it tough. They are cut off from their schools, friends, teachers, and society in general. If you were a strict disciplinarian before, you may want to relax the structure of the routines a little now.

And this means for yourself too. If you can spend one hour less on work every day, do it. If you can cook en masse on the weekend and freeze the meals, please do. If you need to lessen your chores, ask for help.

And you can always write down your meal plans.

Talk It Out With Your Kids

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Your children may be feeling the stress. While some may approach the parents to talk it out, for others it's difficult to express feelings.

As parents, we can make this easier for our children by talking about the issues. Discuss the world scenario of the pandemic, and explain why masks and hand washing is of utmost importance right now.

If there is a lockdown, touch base with friends and family online to let the children see and talk to everyone who is important to them.

Here's a little help.

Spend Some Quality Time

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This is a good time to turn the quantity of time we have into quality. This does not mean that as adults we can take a furlough from work or chores. It only means that for a little while, every day, we can make time for the whole family to be together.

Play some sport in the backyard, or do gardening. How about simply laying on the grass and gazing at the stars? Play with your pet, or whip out the PlayStation. Your call. Just add smiles to lessen the stress.


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