TikTok's New Treat: Frozen Corn Syrup With Kool-Aid & More

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Move over honey jelly, for TikTok now has a cool new frozen treat it's going gaga over. And it's nothing more than frozen corn syrup, mixed with more ingredients to give it plenty of flavors, color, and even some starry appeal.

Much like honey jelly, frozen corn syrup does not go hard like ice, but turns into a jelly-like treat, and with plenty of additions, looks almost too good to eat. But the TikTok stars are going crazy over it, and here's how you can make your version of frozen corn syrup treats for some pretty food.

Go With Kool-Aid

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Kool-Aid comes in a plethora of flavors and is colorful enough to give frozen corn syrup a good colorful, and flavorful twist.

All you have to do is pour out half of the Kool-Aid from the mini bottle, which happens to be a great snack size, and fill it up with clear corn syrup. A good shake to mix up the flavors and even out the sweetness, and then pop it in the freezer.

Once done, just squeeze the bottle to enjoy Kool-aid flavored frozen corn syrup. Like this TikTok user.

How About Them Sour Patches?

Some of us may find the frozen corn syrup a bit too sweet. So one TikTok user found a rather innovative trick to it, by adding sour patches to the mix. You will have to layer the sour patches in between gooey layers of corn syrup and make sure that the bottle you use to freeze has a wide enough mouth to let the sour patches squeeze out too.

This is a fun way to indulge both your sweet and sour tooth. This is how it's done.

Try It With Jell-O

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Then there is always Jell-O, a fail-safe flavor mix for just about any dessert you can imagine. This is why one TikTok user decided to go with Jell-O for the win, mixing the corn syrup with Jell-O powder for a fruity-sweet treat.

Of course, if you do have plenty of time on your hands, you can create a rainbow bottle, by mixing in different Jell-O flavors and layering them for the most beautiful bottle of frozen corn syrup. And a tasty one too.

Or Just Go Crazy With Edibles

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If you want to freak your friend by munching on something that looks like glitter glue, here's how to do it, according to a TikTok user.

Mix frozen corn syrup with food coloring and a contrasting, popping color of edible glitter. Mix well and then pop in the freezer. Enjoy in front of friends to send them on a trip, but remember, do keep some extra bottles for them to enjoy once the secret is out.

And remember, eat this in moderation, because there's only so much sugar you need in a day.


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