Grocery Chains Recalled These Foods This Week

By Cha Miñoza
Person holding kale.
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Grocery Chains Recalled These Foods This Week

Heads up! Major grocery chains made a lot of food recalls this week, ranging from frozen foods to produce.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have recently published a list of active food recalls happening nationwide.

Scroll down to see the list of foods included in the recalls.

1. Kroger Bagged Kale

A picture of a kale leaf.
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On Spet. 17, Kroger announced that they had to pull out 16-ounce bags of kale. The bags recalled bears the UPC number 11110-18170 and a best-by date of September 18, 2021.

Products were distributed in Columbus and Toledo, Ohio; Knoxville, Tennessee; eastern West Virginia; and the states of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

According to Kroger, while there have been no reported illnesses as of yet, they believe that the product may contain Listeria monocytogenes - a pathogenic bacteria that can cause listeriosis.

Symptoms of listeriosis infection include fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

2. Joy Coriander Chutney

Green-colored chutney served on a bowl.
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Joy Gourmet Foods, Inc. recalled Joy Brand Coriander Chutney on Sept. 18. The product is sold in eight-ounce glass jars and distributed in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania stamped with:

Bar code 680617 60402/Best-by 07302022/Batch code 0728

It was recalled because the product contains undeclared sulfites, coconut, and FD&C Yellow 5.

"Some research shows a potential link between artificial colors, including Yellow 5, and hyperactivity in children. In fact, if a product in the [European Union] contains yellow 5, among other artificial colors, it must contain a warning label." according to Dr. Avena of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

3. Velvet Raspberry Fudge Cordial Ice Cream

Scoops of ice cream.
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Velvet Ice Cream recalled their Raspberry Fudge Cordial Ice Cream because a customer complained about the presence of undeclared peanuts.

The 56-ounce ice cream was sold in retail stores in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia starting in late July. It has a production date of July 14, 2021, UPC 0-7068210049-7, and also has A2 19521 26-012 printed on the bottom.

4. H-E-B Jumbo Stuffed Shells

Picture of pasta shells.
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Seviroli Foods also recalled their 22-ounce bags of frozen H-E-B Giant Stuffed Shells.

According to the company, four customers have reported the potential presence of metal inside the product.

Products have the details: Item number 796702/UPC 041220771110/Lot code 2 1208/Best by 07/27/22

Seviroli Foods says that the products have already been pulled out of their shelves but customers can still request for a refund.

5. Buurma Farms Plain Parsley

A bundle of parsley.
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Willard Farms recalled 320 boxes of their flat-leaf parsley because of the possible presence of E coli.

The products were sold in retail stores in Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

According to the advisory: "Only plain flat leaf parsley with a lot code of '2A242A6' and a PTI lot code of '2B243A6' is included in this recall."

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