Ana de Armas Shows Off Her Killer Physique In Sexy Bodysuit And Fishnet Stockings

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Ana de Armas is the woman of the moment as she's been making headlines for all the right reasons; fans can't seem to stop singing her praise for her adaptation of Marilyn Monroe in Blonde; she ate the role and left no crumbs. However, when we were trying to recover from her terrific performance, she channeled the Hollywood icon at the 2022 Venice Film Festival on September 8. While attending the movie premiere, Ana slipped into a pretty pink Louis Vuitton gown.

How Ana De Armas Channelled Marilyn

Ana's stunning creation was evocative of Marilyn's iconic white halter dress from The Seven Year Itch with its plunging halter neckline and billowing pleated fabric wrapped all around. Do you remember the one where Marilyn famously pulled down her pleated skirt as the subway vent fanned it up? That was from 1955.

Ana's bold selection of pink jewelry from Messika and her large diamond pieces appeared to be a contemporary take on the sex symbol's costumes from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. For the iconic musical number "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," Marilyn wore a hot pink dress and layers of diamond jewelry in the 1953 film.

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Although "Knives Out," the famous movie which featured the talented actress, has not yet been released, de Armas was already the director Andrew Dominik's first choice for the lead role in Blonde, a surrealist depiction of the life and death of the screen legend. The styling of the cover and photoshoot, which is retro in a way, suits Ana. Ana is doing a great job promoting Blonde, but all her magazine profiles seem to blend. Few people knew her name in 2019; we can't say the say for 2022; that right there is growth!

"A healthy diet can help you look and feel your best," says the Mayo Clinic. Could this be the reason why Ana is radiant in all her shoots?

The Movie 'Blonde'

Various projects have been done to portray Marilyn Monroe's life. The movie adaptation of Blonde, based on the 2000 Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name, will, however, make Ana de Armas the most recent actress to portray Marilyn when it premieres on Netflix on September 28. The book, adapted into a two-part television movie in 2001 starring Poppy Montgomery and Patrick Dempsey, who had not yet appeared on Grey's Anatomy, is a fictionalized account of Marilyn Monroe's life.

De Armas' performance in the more recent version has already drawn criticism, with some focusing on her accent. On August 1, however, the Marilyn Monroe Estate issued a statement praising her for portraying Marilyn's "glamour, humanity, and vulnerability" in the film's trailer, adding, "We can't wait to see the film in its entirety!"

Pulling Off The Accent In 'Blonde'

In an interview with Variety, Ana de Armas discusses how, despite having been raised in Cuba, which can be seen in her accent, she was able to pull off the accent in the Blonde.

“Using my emotions — how I felt about playing the role — was the way I approached the entire film,” she says, “embracing my fears and my vulnerability, my feeling uncomfortable and my insecurities.” With a laugh, she notes, “My coach wasn’t under the table the whole time.”

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