Julianne Hough Looks Fit In Stylish Street Snaps

Julianne Hough
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Julianne Hough knows how to look stylish in almost anything. The 34-year-old dancer, actress, and singer is known for her talent, beauty, and stylish looks. Hough hit the street in a recent Instagram upload, and it is safe to say she aced the look effortlessly with her stunning figure.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Looks Stylish On The Streets

Julianne showed up on the streets of social media in an outrageously stylish outfit. The actress showed off her lithe figure in a white fringe dress while posing on the streets of New York. The sheer dress hugged her figure from her shoulder to her thighs, with long fringes that reached almost to her ankles.

She cinched her slim waist with a black belt with metal accents. She paired the outfit with stylish white heels, adding a small black bag and dark sunglasses. She styled her blonde hair in loose waves with bangs and finished the look with dark sunglasses. 

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She Fuels Her Body


Julianne shared the secrets to the fit figure she is well known for. The Dancing With the Stars alum revealed the workouts and meals that help her stay fit. Despite her busy schedule, Julianne finds ways to ensure she adequately fuels her body. She has her meals delivered weekly via a plant-based delivery program and eats in between shows or cooks at home.

While the Fresh Vine Wine co-founder emphasizes the importance of diet and exercise, she also acknowledges that mindset is a significant part of keeping fit. “Healthy brain equals a healthy body. Staying focused on your personal journey and creating a happy environment makes for a healthier lifestyle,” she told Us Weekly in May.

She Works Out Regularly

Although dance has always been a huge part of Julianne's life, her workout routine at the gym consists of a large variety of workouts. She works out five to six times a week and usually does high-intensity workouts. However, when feeling relaxed, she does yoga and low-intensity workouts two to three times a week. She likes to switch up her workouts, doing yoga, spinning, weight lifting, cardio, or taking a dance class.

According to Cleveland Clinic, The main difference between HIIT and LIIT is the intensity, which is how hard you push yourself. With LIIT, the goal is to focus on lower-intensity intervals, where you’re working out just a little bit harder, followed by a lower-intensity interval with a recovery period, as opposed to HIIT, where you should be out of breath.

She Stays Hydrated

According to Celebwell, Julianne also takes care of her body from the inside. She ensures she stays hydrated by drinking lots of water and admits noticing a huge difference every time she does. She prioritizes giving her body a good rest and strives for a healthy sleep schedule. She also likes to continuously switch up her eating habits and indulge in some nostalgic guilty pleasures she ate as a child. 

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