Addison Rae Enjoys Outdoor Shower In Bikini

Addison Rae with blonde hair.
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Addison Rae flaunted her curves in a mermaid-style bikini for a playful shower outdoors. The 21-year-old TikTok superstar has been busy juggling multiple projects lately, while also dealing with family drama.

To blow off some steam and also to flaunt her eye-popping curves, Addison jetted off to a tropical getaway. She shared her adventures on Instagram and treated her fans with steamy shower snaps.

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Cooling Off With A Playful Shower Outdoors

Wearing a lacy pink number that showcased her tan and toned physique, Addison cooled off in an outdoor shower on her tropical vacation. She styled the skimpy bikini with a layer of necklaces, cute drop earrings, multiple bracelets, and a long string of pearls around her waist.

One pic from the photo series also showed Addison sporting a pink minidress paired with pink crocs. She posed with a friend and showed off the scenic mountain view behind them.

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Getting Away From The Drama

Fans are happy to see that Addison has been taking some time to have fun. As her family has been the subject of gossip as of late, people were a little worried about how it would affect the influencer.

“I’ve really been struggling to post and get out and do things but I love you all and you mean so much more to me than I can ever express,” Addison previously posted on Twitter. “My life is forever changed thanks to all of the people who decided to care about me and support me,” she added. “I love y’all <3 life is weird but worth it.”

Family Problems

The tweet came after news broke out about her mom, Sheri Easterling, and dad, Monty Lopez, calling it quits. In July, videos of Monty went viral on TikTok. Clips show allegations of cheating and flirting with multiple young women. Within a month after the videos surfaced, Monty and Sheri broke up. All the family drama and feuding between the two has been the topic of hot gossip on TikTok and Addison is reportedly "mortified" about the whole thing.

Support From Fans

Amid the drama, fans headed to Twitter and started trending the hashtag #WELOVEYOUADDISON to support their idol.

"Take your time, relax, focus on your mental health and your body first! you are important to me and all of your supporters and friends and we want the best for you,” one fan tweeted. “We made this hashtag #weloveyouaddison so it will be easier for you to see our messages.”

Her fans were spot on as "focus on the positive" is also the advice given by the Mayo Clinic.

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