Halle Berry Impresses In Bikini Bottoms Skateboard

Halle Berry
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Halle Berry more than gained likes as she went free-spirited for a bikini-clad skateboarding session last year. The Oscar winner, 56, delighted her Instagram followers with a reminder of her figure and her fun-loving side by posting in March 2022 in honor of Fitness Friday.

Proving she's still loyal to the Instagram-adored hashtag, Halle got her heart rate up without any fancy equipment. Flaunting her jaw-dropping body, the actress impressed her followers and scored a major like from a celebrity, with Jennifer Aniston making sure to show she approved.

Bikini Bottoms

Cruising through sunny streets, Halle sent out major Cali girl energy. The Monster's Ball star was photographed amid palms and natural sunlight as she showed off her MMA-trained figure while in a fun, skimpy look.

Opting for printed, multicolor bikini bottoms, the actress added in a knotted t-shirt for a cropped finish. Here, Halle flaunted hints of her rock-hard abs, which made headlines in the movie, Bruised.

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Killing It In Her 50s

Wearing her hair down and showing off her skateboarding skills, Halle made her way down a street. She added in red heart-shaped shades for a funky look while also going low-key in minimal makeup.

See The Photo!

Shouting out her Re-Spin fitness accessories line, Halle wrote: "Let’s get fit on this #FitnessFriday with @respin! Who’s joining us?💪🏽."

Fans have left the much-loved actress over 220,000 likes. Halle is a #FitnessFriday regular and has often included trainer Peter Lee Thomas in her social media shares.

See more photos below.

Bikini In 2023

Halle has since made headlines for showing off her figure in swimwear, although the vibes are never full-on-flaunt with this celebrity. Earlier this month, Halle posted in a black string bikini while also rocking a slinky robe.

She posed backed by oceans while treating herself to a little champagne. Going witty, she wrote: "Keeping my spirits up."

'Keep Shining Sis'

Also shared this Spring was a similar look as Halle sat on steps and rocked her black hoop swimwear. Fans flocked to the comments section, with one fan writing: "Nothing better then being a women at this point in our lives that knows we are fire. Keeping shining sis."

Defying Her Age

Halle is definitely beating the clock, and she seems to be doing it the natural way. The star works out on the regular and keeps her diet balanced.

How Many Instagram Followers?

Halle is followed by 8.4 million on IG. For more, see her account.

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