Gymnast McKayla Maroney's Yoga Pants Require Strict Warning

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is prancing around in her Alo Yoga pants, but not without a strict warning. The 25-year-old vault queen, fresh from E.R. headlines in February as she was hospitalized for kidney stones, is now back to her fighting fit self, with Thursday bringing the London 2012 Olympics face in power yoga pants mode. Posting ahead of an errands run and for her 1.3 million Instagram followers, McKayla threw ou the body and a touch of advice. Check it out below.

Yoga Pants Queen

Scroll for the photos. They come as McKayla flexes her influencer muscles a little, with today seeing the brunette beauty shouting out Alo Yoga, a brand now fronted by 25-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner. 

All apple cheeks, plump pout, and good looks, Maroney updated in a head-turning all-black look, one that mixed casual sportswear with high-end finishes. The gymnast, flaunting her killer body in skin-tight black yoga pants, went slouchy with her black matching sweater, with double buckle leather gloves, a handbag, and a statement hat adding ritzy flourishes.

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Keep Scrolling For The Photos!

Smiling from under her hat and showcasing a unique edge as the leather accessories offset all that spandex, McKayla went all body-ody-ody as the camera took in most of her frame, with a cute strapped-up car selfie closing the post, one that came with a warning.

"YOU ONLY NEED TO WEAR SPF ON DAYS ENDING IN THE LETTER Y," a quote read. Clearly, the gymnast's way of reminding her followers to lather up regardless of the day. "It's always a good afternoon in @aloyoga," the caption read. 

See Her Valentine's Thigh-Highs Below!

Also included was a street snap of a person holding up a sign reading: "YOU STILL HAVE TO WEAR SUNSCREEN EVEN WHEN IT'S NOT SUNNY."

The warning got stricter over on McKayla's Glohe wellness Instagram, with a caption reading: "Wear your seat belt, wear your mask, wear your sunscreen!! ☀️," adding:

"Speaking of wearing, I’ve been loving big dressy hats lately.👒 Sometimes it’s hard to find the right style and fit, but when you do it’s the best."

Keep scrolling for more photos after the V-day dress!

Her Little Trick

McKayla, who regularly discusses health on Glohe and recently explored the dangers of tomatoes, plus an admission that her current caffeine intake is doing her no favors, added: "I really don’t like the feeling of bright unnecessary sun exposure on my face, especially in the car — so the hat, mask, sunglasses and sunscreen definitely help."

The post quickly snagged a like from fellow sun worshipper, 31-year-old Olympig gymnast Nastia Lukin. Speaking of, scroll for Nastia's massive bikini thigh gap below.


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