Experts Reveal How To Keep Your Mental Health In Check Post-Pandemic

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We live in a challenging world today, with COVID-19 limiting our contact with loved ones. Offices are shut down, and many people are working from home. For others, their jobs are on the line. And the saddest tragedies belong to those who have lost someone due to the pandemic.

It's a thing of wonder that most of us remain sane, and a marvel, the human capacity to face change and challenges.

But this does not mean that we are all well, mentally speaking. Experts say this is what we need to do to tide over the pandemic and face the post-pandemic world when it comes to mental health.

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How Has The Pandemic Affected Us?

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The pandemic has isolated so many people across the world. Some are stuck at home, and even homes are not the safest places to be for everyone. Others are stuck away from home, in the midst of strangers who are also isolated in their own way.

Life has changed for everyone, from children to the elderly, in ways no one could have envisaged.

The good thing is that we are all learning to live with COVID-19, be it via masks, hygiene, vaccines, or a wait-and-watch outlook. The fight-or-flight response is cooling, so now is the time to take stock.

Know The Importance Of Mental Health

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According to Abbie Zimmerman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), the first thing to do is realize the utter importance of mental well being.

It's important to sit down and take stock of all that you are feeling, explained Zimmerman, "Having space to explore these thoughts and feelings can help you to discover new ways of coping and improving your overall mental health."

Clearly, to fix a problem, you first have to realize, mindfully that there may be a problem.

Here's a quick checklist.

Reaching Out Could Help

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"Finding space either with a trusted friend, loved one, with a professional or even a journal to explore how the pandemic has impacted you, can be a very useful tool," shared Zimmerman.

So basically, if we cannot take stock of where we are today, we need to talk it out. In-person, on the phone, on Zoom, or even journalling it down can help.

The idea is to air out the feelings because once they are out, the hurt is out, the healing can begin.

Mindful Self Care Is The Key

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So how do we cope with the changing world now that we know we are a little mentally disturbed?

Self-care is key, emphasized Zimmerman but it doesn’t have to be a day at the spa. The key to it all is mindfulness. Sip coffee and marvel at the zing. Breathe in and be grateful for the lung filling your air. Get a massage and rejoice at how good it feels.

She continued, "By adding a layer of mindfulness to self-care, you can make a positive experience and quadruple its impact!"

This also increases the happy hormone (dopamine) and decreases the stress hormone (cortisol).

Here's another tip to try when all you feel is overwhelming...


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