This Is How Busy Moms Do Their Meal Planning & You Should Too

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You could be a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or simply a mom to many; but the one irrefutable fact is this - moms are busy.

And adding to their overloaded, multitasking schedule, is the fact that there are mouths to feed.

And when there are mouths to be fed, there are groceries to be bought, arranged, and then cooked into meals. And that's where things go kooky.

We went through what busy moms do to make their lives in the kitchen easier, and this is what you can do too...

Make A Plan

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The way we plan our routines, our work assignments, the things we have to do for the kids, we should plan for kitchen time too.

Meal planning can become a very handy tool for busy moms. If you know what you are going to make, you will end up making it faster rather than standing around dithering about what to make.

Do it daily, or weekly, the way you like but make sure you know what you are going to make before you enter the kitchen. Of course, that makes us come to the next step, the ingredients.

Make A List

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Do you have a list of go-to ingredients that can always make a meal lip-smacking?

Think condiments, spices, cheese, sauces, cheese, jams, jellies, spread, and cheese. We did say cheese too many times, didn't we? But you can't have enough cheese, not with the kind of varieties there are out there.

So plan your grocery shopping and remember to make those lists before you head out to Walmart or Costco or wherever is it you go hunting for food.

Keep whatever is a favorite handy, and do remember to explore new things every now and then as long as they are healthy.

Make It Easy

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When a busy mom cooks, is it only for the busy mom? No, right? So when a family needs to eat, the family needs to help.

While this may not be the ideal family narrative everywhere, if you can get your partner, children, or other family members to lend you a hand, do not hesitate to ask.

Get the kids to wash and make a salad, the partner to slice the bread or boil the pasta.

Delegating is a good thing. And cooking teaches kids motor skills and an appreciation for food as well as work.

Make Leftovers

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It sounds contradictory to make leftovers, but it's true. Whenever you are doing something that takes a bit of time, say chopping vegetables, pureeing stuff, making soup - go ahead and make a portion extra. Freeze or refrigerate it. And make use of it in the next 4-6 days.

Soups can be added to stews. Chopped vegetables can go into a pilaf, or pasta, or even a casserole. Boiled chicken can make a sandwich or a roll, or even a salad. And even if it's accidentally leftover, use it, and reduce food waste.

Busy moms need to save time, and we're only too happy to help.


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