Chloe Kim Impresses With 'Extreme Parkour'

Chloe Kim with wavy hair smiling at the camera.
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Chloe Kim entertained her Instagram followers with a short clip of herself doing "extreme parkour" at the gym. Fans of the Olympic athlete were impressed to see the snowboarder having fun during a workout session.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Knows How To Have Fun

The 22-year-old snowboarder spends a lot of time working out and while she is serious about training, she knows to have fun too.

Chloe shared a cute moment at the gym, where she was captured goofing around doing her own version of parkour. Dressed in workout gear, Chloe kicked, jumped, and rolled around while laughing. While her parkour tricks need a little polishing, Chloe's sense of humor was on point.

Letting her goofy side out from time to time makes her workouts a lot more entertaining.

She Trains Hard

While Chloe has her silly moments, she can easily switch to focus mode when she needs to.

When she is training for a competition, she spends two to six hours practicing her drills on the halfpipe. Additionally, she also has to work out every day so that her body can sustain the impact from falling.

"My training routine’s pretty crazy,” she revealed to Shape. “I went to Switzerland for a month just to get all my tricks super dialed, and then I came home for like a week, and then we were off to Beijing.”

She Spends Time Under The Sun

Because of her sport, Chloe spends the majority of her time on snow. But, when she has some time off, the California native loves going to the beach to swim and get some sun.

According to Harvard Health, getting moderate sun exposure regularly does a lot of good to the mind and body. Sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, improves immunity, and shakes off wintertime blues.

She Takes Care Of Her Skin

In the midst of training and schoolwork, Chloe manages to take care of her skin. The athlete is the brand ambassador of the Korean skincare brand Laneige.

"The key for me is always making sure my skin is super hydrated. I don't want it to crack, dry, or peel off. Ew. I always take precautions," she told Byrdie. "Most of the time, I like to keep my regimen the same, though. My skin freaks out if I change things super quick. I'll get a zit the next day or something."

She Takes Mental Health Breaks

Chloe Kim with blonde hair and red lips.
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Chloe has been on top of her game but she makes sure to take mental health breaks when she needs to. After a draining but victorious year in Beijing, the snowboarding pro decided to take a full season off to reset and also to enjoy her win.

"I just want to enjoy this moment, take it all in and then get back when I'm feeling ready," she told USA Today. "I am definitely planning on competing at the 2026 Olympics. I will be taking a full season off of competition though, just for you know, my mental health just want to kind of reset."

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