Miley Cyrus In Bathing Suit Says 'Flexibility Is Key'

Miley Cyrus with bangs and long curly hair.
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Miley Cyrus can sing, act, and do impressive stretches with her flexible legs. The pop icon showed off her flexibility and her amazing figure while posing for a whimsical photo shoot.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Is Flexible

Thanks to yoga and a regular fitness routine, Miley has impressive flexibility, which allows her to contort her body in surprising poses.

In her cover story for Interview magazine last year, the pop star had a chance to flaunt her flexible limbs in a striking pose. Sporting a purple bathing suit and furry Chanel boots, Miley posed on the grass and stretched her leg up and over her head.

"Flexibility is key to stability 🔑," she captioned her photo on Instagram.

Stretching has many benefits, says Mayo Clinic. It decreases the risk of injuries, increases muscle blood flow, strengthens joints, and improves your ability to do daily activities.

She Is A Rock Star

Like a true rock star, Miley, 29, isn't afraid of expressing her artistry, even if it is sometimes controversial. The ex-Disney star has been caught in controversy a number of times, but that hasn't stopped her from making great music. She shared in the interview how her daring authenticity affects her singing.

"I am who I am. I say what I mean in the moment, even if that changes tomorrow," she explained.

She Is A Fashion Chameleon

She has gone through many different looks throughout her long career. From shaved head to an 80s-inspired mullet, Miley enjoys experimenting with her hair and her fashion.

"Fashion to me is kind of flipping yourself inside out," she once told Vogue. "There’s something kind of childlike about it... It’s just about expression and how you feel that day. There’s a fearlessness. And so when I get dressed, I try to kind of think like my inner child, and be genuine and authentic in whatever I’m wearing."

She Has A Grateful Heart

When she was included in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list, Miley opened up about her appreciation of her job as a songwriter and artist. She shared that writing songs have been her favorite element of her work.

"Taking it in and being grateful every day for the fact that I write songs for a living because a lot of people write songs and it doesn’t get to be what keeps their lights on, and for me to be able to be one of those people, I never forget how lucky I am."

She Loves Her Family Unconditionally

While they may be complicated, Miley loves her family unconditionally. She expressed her love for her pack in an interview with Vogue, saying her family is one of the precious parts of her life that she has tried to keep private.

"I have a very intimate and close relationship with my family. But like all families, we’re also complex, but we embrace the fact that each of us are so different from one another. Me and my siblings, we’re a lot alike, but we also have big differences. And we just accept that and don’t judge each other. And our family makes unconditional love a priority."

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