Isabelle Fuhrman Joins New Western Epic With Kevin Costner

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Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) announced a new project with Kevin Costner which sees her filming four epic films for Horizon. The 25-year-old became popular in 2009 thanks to her chilling embodiment of an occult killer in the horror movie Orphan.

She reprised her role in the second part, Orphan: First Kill, released this year, to mixed reviews from critics. Although the actress told People it felt like going home when she shot the second part 13 years after her first film, she's ready to embrace new opportunities.

"I was terrified everyone was going to only see me in one way, that I was going to get typecast and I wouldn't have any sort of career."

Joining The Cream Of The Crop

With Costner's Horizon, Fuhrman would star in a period setting alongside critically acclaimed actors like Jamie Campbell Bower, Sienna Miller, and Sam Worthington. Deadline says the movie is about the American civil war from its beginning to its aftermath, told through the eyes of the country's citizens.

Announcing the news via Instagram, Fuhrman shared her excitement and dished out the number of parts to expect from Costner.

Fun In The Swiss Alps

Fuhrman, in real life, is far from the scary girl/woman she portrays in Orphan, as her 600,000-plus fans would confirm. She enjoyed a hike in the Swiss alps while scaring people on screen, then asked her fans to share their weekend plans.

She looked beautiful in a casual black dress with a square-cut neckline, long sleeves, and a thigh-high slit. Fuhrman paired this look with brown-lens sunglasses and white sneakers, perfect for hiking and "traipsing" as she called it.

In The City Of Love With Family

At the beginning of the month, Fuhrman joined her family in France to explore the City of Love. The actress glammed up in bright red lipstick, thick black eyeliner, and her bleached blonde hair styled in a loose low ponytail.

She wore a black plunging neckline dress and added a pop of color via her bright red shoulder bag matching her lipstick shade. Isabelle's mother Elina called her and her sister Madeline, the brightest lights, and they had wide smiles from loud laughter to prove it.

A Supportive Bunch

The Fuhrmans are very supportive of Isabelle's career, and they do their best to promote her movies. Elina and Madeline were excited to watch the 25-year-old do her thing on the big screen, and her mother had a proud moment. She said Isabelle was amazing and promised her followers that Orphan: First Kill was worth their money because it was amazing.

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