Nastia Liukin Is Absolutely Stunning In A Bikini

Close up of Nastia Liukin smiling
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Nastia Liukin always serves bikini goodness, whether in the Winter or Spring, so it wasn't surprising that she bodied summer with an array of beautiful swimwear. The Olympic gold medalist loves the luxurious life, so Liukin had complimentary backgrounds and locations for her colorful summer pieces.

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Barbie In Pink

One fictional character that can give Liukin a run for her money during summer is Barbie but even the perfect doll wouldn't stand a chance besides this real-life reincarnation. Liukin served Barbie vibes in a magenta one-piece with diamond cut-outs on the sides as seen on Instagram.

She capped the look with a wide-brimmed raffia hat and tipped it down to cover her face keeping all the attention on her body. The "no face no case" post is fast becoming a favorite from Liukin. Perhaps it'll become a trend.

Who Wore It Best?

The sea or Nastia, pick your fighter!

Liukin knows how to make "blue" work without fading into the ocean or pool in her surrounding, depending on her location. She showed her defined abs line in a two-toned blue bikini consisting of a dark blue and light shade on either side of her triangle top.

In another post, she showed her morning routine of taking a cold plunge (soaking in a chilly water bathtub) in an ombre teal and blue one-piece swimwear. Healthline endorses cold showers or baths for "increasing oxygen intake, heart rate and alertness."

More Summer Blues

At this point, blue should be Likin's signature color because it fits her so well. Also, we're choosing monokinis over bikinis because the former gymnast has such a unique taste in swimwear putting her on top of every best-dressed list this summer.

There's something about the multicolored crisscross cutout piece she's wearing in this post. It's ideal for a fashionista who just can't make up her mind before pool time! Each pattern is like a different piece of swimwear yet it all fits like a completed puzzle. We rate it a 10/10.

The Grande Finale

One more blue for the road won't hurt anyone and whoever said crushed velvet swimwear won't bang? They clearly hadn't seen Liukin body this two-tone monokini with horizontal front cutouts teasing her underboobs, toned abs, and curvy hips.

The camera angle capturing her frame from beneath also highlighted her sunkissed face protected under a fancy raffia hat and black sunglasses.

Liukin once said,

"I am more than an athlete, and I am more than my medal count," per CBS News, and she's more than proven that point!

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