Sydney Sweeney Relaxes In Bed Wearing Just Her Cozy Intimates

Sydney Sweeney sporting a loose bun and smiling at the camera.
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Sydney Sweeney is bagging more and more brand partnerships as her popularity continues to rise. The 25-year-old actress became a big hit, thanks to her saucy role in Euphoria, and soon after had labels of all kinds pursuing her.

In one of her latest endorsements, the actress flaunted her curves while lounging in bed and wearing intimates that looked comfy and figure-flattering.

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New Campaign For Cotton On Body

Dressed in a blue scoop bralette that was paired with shorts and a matching robe, Sydney was all smiles as she was plopped on a fluffy bed. Aside from her noticeably incredible figure, Sydney's skin also looked radiant in the cozy shoot.

The blonde beauty is the face of the Cotton On Body campaign, which features a wide range of products, from sleepwear to activewear. With famous curves and a charming face, Sydney looks perfect for the new campaign.

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On Being A Hollywood Star

Sydney has been enjoying her well-deserved success but her busy schedule has taken a toll on her mental health. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she admitted to feeling the pressures of her Hollywood fame. She shared that she started having panic attacks and had to take a step back to slow down and relax.

“I was losing my sh*t,” she said. “I still can’t get my mind to shut up, and I don’t sleep.”

To combat her anxiety, Sydney spent time with her family, stayed off her phone, and did some of her favorite activities. “Hiking and skiing and doing what I truly love,” she shared.

Sleep Is Important

Getting less than seven hours of sleep at night can result in poor health, weight gain, and illnesses, says Mayo Clinic. Getting the recommended hours of sleep on a regular basis improves both mental and physical health. Aside from getting the proper hours, quality of sleep is also just as important.

Loving Her Body

While Sydney might be sleep-challenged at times, she still does her best to take care of her body. She explained her thoughts on self-love to Yahoo Life! and said that self-care is a daily process for her.

"Your body does so much for you, and I think a lot of times people forget that and how hard it works. And so taking care of yourself, grooming yourself however way makes you feel best, I think it's important."

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