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Everyone has been gushing about Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays the lead in the film The Invitation, and how well-known her act is. The 33-year-old English actor and model is best known for portraying Missandei, a formerly enslaved person who works as Daenerys' handmaiden and advisor, in the television series Game of Thrones (played by Emilia Clarke).

Fans of soap operas will be familiar with Nathalie from a previous era. Between 2006 and 2010, she played the role of Sasha Valentine in Hollyoaks, which launched her into the world of television.

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Surviving The Invitation

In the dramatic movie The Invitation, Natalie's character, Evie, travels to England for a wedding where she reunites with her long-lost relatives. She runs into the seductive and handsome Walter (Gossip Girl's Thomas Doherty), who woos her with gifts and charm.

However, life is not all roses and sunshine. Evie fights for her life in the film in a shocking twist, much like Nathalie's character Missandei did in Game of Thrones. But the two characters' strategies for surviving differ significantly from one another.


The main character Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel), is a starving artist in New York City whose parents are the only members of her family still alive. The invitation to the wedding at their country estate comes after a DNA test reveals that she is related to a line of obscenely wealthy Englishmen.

Evie quickly adjusts to the new environment and learns wealth treats her well. She now receives hors d'oeuvres, not serving them at a fancy cocktail party. Although maintaining wealth by unethical means, Evie gradually learns about her family's true motivations.

On Playing Evie

Nathalie had this to say in an interview with Glamour Magazine on playing Evie in The Invitation:

It was a welcome challenge to be honest. The responsibility was a whole other level to what I had previously experienced. I felt like I had been building towards it for many years and finally I got the opportunity to lead a movie. I mean, it was tough, for all the reasons you can imagine. I'm pretty much in like almost every scene, and it was a big undertaking to build and map the character across that much material. There's just so much more work involved, but I was just incredibly excited to have that opportunity, and it’s an experience I hope to continue to keep doing.

Dream Comes True

For English actress Nathalie Emmanuel, getting her first leading role in a movie has been "surreal" mainly because she is aware of all the times she has thought about giving up on her dream job.

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