Emma Watson Stuns In Tight Zip Swimsuit With A Surfboard

Emma Watson
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Emma Watson is stunning the camera as she flaunts her figure in a rare swimwear moment. The British actress, 33, continues her allegiance to the Prada Beauty brand she fronts, and this Instagram share came as part of more promo, which has been ongoing throughout 2023.

Posting for her 72 million+ fans, Emma sizzled while showing off her fit figure in a tight zip swimsuit. She also went surfer girl on the beach as she showed off a sporty edge. Emma has gained over 2 million likes for the snap, with actress Reese Witherspoon also leaving one.

Stuns In Swimsuit

Flaunting her slender waist, toned legs, and slim arms, Emma kept it classy as she also upped the ante a little.

The Harry Potter actress opted for a stylish black one-piece with stomach cut-outs, also going for a sexy, sporty zip finish.

Zip Swimwear

Swinging a hip slightly as she smiled and gazed to the side, Emma drew the eye to her midriff via metallic studding across the swimsuit. She also brandished a yellow surfboard for a fun vibe. All sunkissed and with the ocean breeze blowing her hair around, Emma also rocked a bronzed face of makeup, but she kept it lightweight.

See The Photo!

In a caption, the Hollywood star dropped aquatic emoji, also tagging Prada Beauty. Italian label Prada has been muscling up with high-profile celebrities this year and is now fronted by supermodel Kendall Jenner.

Stuns In Bikini Bottoms

Also shared as part of a slew of Prada posts was a snap of Emma smiling and on a boat. Showing off her legs, the actress rocked a skimpy, stringy white pair of bikini bottoms paired with a cable-knit sweater. She was also hanging out with one cute dog!

Not Just A Promo Face

Emma fronts Prada Paradoxe, one of the brand's scents. She also led the creative direction for the entire campaign.

“I was very specific that, if I’m going to do this, I want to tell a story and I want to be a real character who is going to do something," Emma told Harper's Bazaar. “To tell my own story and frame myself, to get to be in charge of my own image felt genuinely exciting.”

'Never The Same'

Emma continued: “I love the idea that I’m never the same, but I’m always myself. Things change, but that’s something that is steady."

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