Kate Middleton's Ex-Boyfriends Revealed

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Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, is quite the lovely lady, and a permanent fixture in the Royal Family, as the duly wedded wife of Prince William.

After three children together, it's hard to imagine this perfectly presented couple to ever have had a history, or have dated anyone else.

But like all people, even the beautiful Kate Middleton has a past, even if it's as prim and proper as her present.

So here go all of Kate Middleton's boyfriends, and why Prince William may not be too fond of them.

Her 'First Love' Attended Her Wedding

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Kate must have been what they call a precocious teenager because her first boyfriend was a boy named Willem Marx, who she met at Marlborough College, the boarding school she attended in southwest England.

According to Marx's friends, he was her "first love" and they started dating in 2000.

The term of their affections is unclear but they broke up on good terms and remained in touch. Marx also attended her wedding with Prince William in 2011, so that's some friendship. No?

Today, he's a journalist at CNBC, and still quite the looker...

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The Dress & Rupert Finch

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So Kate Middleton and Prince William were just friends initially, and she was dating someone called Rupert Finch at St. Andrews University where she studied, also Prince William's choice of college.

It was at a fashion show when William first fell for her, where she strutted on stage wearing a see-through black dress with a black bandeau bra and underwear.

The rest may be history but Rupert Finch never stood a chance. The man is married today to Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and is now a solicitor. Coincidentally, Finch and his wife also attended the royal wedding.

Here's that dress!

Splitsville & Another Man

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In 2007, the love story soured. Kate Middleton and Prince William split up, the reason being his being stationed out of London and some wild club behavior.

While Middleton may have been hurt, she did date another man in between, and this one was not invited to the wedding.

This time, her boyfriend was Henry Ropner, a friend of William’s from Eton College, and someone who had a penchant for dating William's exes.

Today, he is married to Natasha Sinclair and Middleton is happy smiles with William.

All's Well That Ends Well

But when love is destined, no man can come in between. Or woman, when it comes to Prince William's dalliances as well.

Kate and Prince William's breakup left her devastated but she rallied back, showing him all that he was missing and putting herself as a priority.

Soon enough, Prince William got her back and all the boyfriends folded like a pack of cards. When the Prince comes waltzing for you, it's a no-brainer, right?

And Kate Middleton and Prince Willaim do seem truly blessed.


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